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Sunday Afternoon Football – 5 Lessons for Entrepreneurs




On Sunday afternoons all across the United States football games are being watched and that activity provides lessons for entrepreneurs.

Every fall, sports fans across the United States turn to football. The sport impacts even those who are not sports fans. Supermarkets have special sales. Church services end early. School students get special lessons with football related themes. Entrepreneurs should pay attention to this phenomenon.

Here are 5 lessons entrepreneurs can learn from Sunday afternoon football games

  1. Be dependable.
  2. Put your best foot forward.
  3. Reward star performers.
  4. Appreciate hard workers.
  5. Encourage smart workers.


Be dependable.

Every football fan knows there will be football games on television every Sunday during the season. There is no reason ti guess or wonder – if it’s Sunday, there will be football. Entrepreneurs must give customers things they can depend on. Some things customers like to depend on include:

  • office hours
  • reliable means of communication
  • on time delivery of products and services


Put your best foot forward.

In football games, coaches put the best athletes front and center. Fans know the players starting the games will be the best the teams have to offer. When it comes to your business give your customers your best. Don’t ask or expect them to settle. Demand the best from yourself and  from your employees.


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Reward star performers.

Star athletes get rewarded for good performance. They get prominent placement, choice of schedule and good pay. Find ways to reward star performers at your organization and make them feel appreciated. It doesn’t have to be monetary if your company truly cannot afford it. Reward employees with praise, preferential seating, first choice of days off and vacation.


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Appreciate hard workers.

Not every player on a football team is a superstar. Some are simply hard workers who show up day after day and do their very best. These players are important because they help push the team to victory. At your company, be sure to let hard workers know they are valued and appreciated. These employees help make your business possible. Hard workers show up day in and day out and you know you can depend on them when you need to get things done.


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Encourage smart workers.

Football teams always shine when they have smart quarterbacks who can read the other team and make the right calls during clutch situations. Wise coaches are not threatened by smart players. In your business. Do not be afraid of employees who are smarter than you are. Do not be threatened by employees with more experience. Instead look for ways to use that knowledge and experience to make your business better.


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Entrepreneurs must always be on the lookout for learning opportunities. Learning opportunities can lead to profit opportunities. Learning can happen anywhere, even in front of the television screen during a football game.