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The Election is Over, Life Isn’t

It is terrific to be able to discuss the election results sensibly.

Each Terrific Tuesday throughout the month of November will be dedicated to discussions of elections past and present.┬áLast week was the first Terrific Tuesday of ┬áNovember and I urged everyone, no matter who their candidate of choice, to go vote. Future Terrific Tuesdays will deal with a┬áreview the Al Gore/George Bush election and loot back at John Kerry’s political rally in Philadelphia when he was running for election.

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Last Tuesday was election day and Barack Obama was re-elected President of the United States of America. I am one of those crazy ultra left wing liberals people are warned about. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results of the election. What I have been less than please with is the levels of rudeness, discourtesy and disrespect I have seen from public officials, elected officials and people in various social media circles. Now, to be honest, I must admit I have laughed at some of the things I have heard from my side of the issue:

  • “We survived Bush, you will survive Obama.”
  • “Do you really believe that or is that just Republican math you do to make yourself feel better?”

While I found both those statements amusing, it is a long road from amusing to rude an disrespectful. Many of us work in office environments with other people who do not share our political and social opinions.  As professional people we have to learn a lesson my children all learned in kindergarten, sometimes you have to agree to disagree. Barack Obama won election for President of the United States, you did not. Similarly, Mitt Romney lost the election, you did not. You are involved only as much as any other citizen of the United States, its  commonwealths and territories. There is no rational reason for you go into the office and behave in an irrational or unprofessional manner because of the results of the election. Those cute little statements you make on social media of the silly pictures you share and comment on could have serious consequences well beyond election day.

Terrific Tuesday, discussion, election, results, president

It is fine in a professional setting to express your opinion about the election results. It is not fine to sit at work and tell racist jokes, make sexist comments or statements that insult others based upon their sexuality. These behaviors can cost you your job, the respect of those around you and customers. No matter what your feelings are on the election results, you must show up like a grown up and talk as if you are a person who has good sense an wants to remain employed either by another or in your own business. So, the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is, how are you going to discuss the election results and remain a dignified, respectful person?

19 thoughts on “The Election is Over, Life Isn’t”
  1. I truly appreciate this post. I have been looking everywhere for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks for the compliment about the post Val. I became a political fan due to my husband who is a junkie like you. As a result, I am watching everything, hearing about all the statistics and the like. It is always amazing to see how bad things get and how many friendships are destroyed. One of my really good friends is a Republican and I am one of those crazy left wing liberal democrats. I am happy that she and I were always able to remember that we are friends and despite our differences in opinion and belief, we maintained a friendship, laughed at some jokes and got through the election season.

  3. Kim, your comment addresses an issue that really bothered me. Barack Obama is the Presient of the United States and that position alone entitles him to respect. I was amazed at the amount of disrespect he was subjected to since he first ran for President years ago. The disrespect increased to an almost intollerable level during this recent election season. I agree with you, America is not beyond racism yet.

  4. Pamela, you are so correct. Talking about politics is like death! Friendships are being destroyed because people cannot have a civil conversation. I read a news story about a woman who ran over her husband with a car because he did not vote.

    BTW – I really enjoy reading your blog and like the ideas on still dating my spouse.

  5. Well learned this the hard way. If I go politico (which I am a junkie), I try to keep it very neutral. However, I found some pretty funny posts after the election that set a couple of my FB friends off.. I hate negativity, so I am learning to just cut it off. In light of the election, I am going to post puppy and kitten photos to lighten up the mood. ­čÖé

    Great post, BTW.

  6. Politics are just like death it brings out the ugly in people. We must be able to discuss politics as adults without insulting others opinions.

    Thanks for touching on this subject. More people need to read this so they can understand how to discuss politics LOL


  7. This is what has bothered me so much. No President has has to endure the level of rudeness and disrespect Obama has. Regardless of who the President is, people must learn to respect the position. If they do that, them they will show respect even when they do not agree with the President that is in charge. I must say that I knew racism still existed, but I thought we had made more progress. This election has shown me that we still have a very long way to go.

  8. I think politics brings out the worst in us because the issues are so important and each election has reprecussions that last for such a long time. You are right, we need to learn to agree to disagree and hold onto out manners.

  9. Stellar post! And I don’t know why politics can bring out the worst in people. People seem to get really passionate, really ugly, really fast. You could be having a laugh with someone and then politics come up and when there is a difference in opinion it gets out of hand. Thankfully, the people I talk to at work are not that angry. We are able to talk in a civilized manor, even if we don’t all agree.

  10. I am glad you like the new layout. I worked very hard to get it looking good. It is quite different from what I was used to using. You are so right, the elections are over, now we have to rebuild and get moving on making the country better for all of us.

  11. Things did get ugly, basi and ignorant rather quickly didn’t they. I had to remind myself not to get upset with people beause of pictures, jokes etc they shared. But to be honest, some things people said or shared made me question their humanity, humility and honesty!

  12. The campaign did not seem nastier to me, but I was watching it with myy children so I was more critical becasue the children were watching and I had to explain to them what was true and what was exagerated. It was sometimes hard to put it in simple terms. I will always remember my little twin saying Mitt Romney had to go down because he did not want to pay for PBS and Big Bird. But, Iam glad it is over and we can get on with life, real everyday life.

  13. First, LOVE the new layout!
    Second, BRAVO!
    The elections are over, now it’s time to start working towards rebuilding the country.

  14. So true about having the ugliest campaigns ever. This was the first one I genuinely took an interest from last year to last week. Twitter can get sooo basic and ignorant so fast. I’ll now try to steer clear of twitter/tumblr/etc because ignorance is bliss.

  15. I have to say that this 2012 election will stand out in my mind for having the ugliest campaigns ever. Most of the commercials on TV put down the opponents, spun scenarios into an ugly light and produced ridiculous comments to be said allowed in person and on social media. I have to say I am guilty of using a funny political image. We might never forget how Big Bird almost loved his job and that image stayed with me and as my Fan Page profile photo until today. Thanks for always keeping us in check!

  16. You raised some good points in your comment. Sometimes people do say soomething in jest that gies us an insite in to their character that we would rather not have had. We re at work sometimes longer hours than we are at home and we really don’t want to be totally disgusted and angry with people we are going to be around for long periods of time!

  17. I love your use of punctuation on that last sentence! Politics and religion are so personal and so serious that people do tend to lose their minds and forget to act in a respectful manner. Sometimes it is best to just stay off the topics all together unless in close company.

  18. Very well put! I learned very early in my working career to steer away from conversations regarding politics and religion in the work place. Even comments made in “jest” can easily offend someone – and in the HR world if someone overhears it and is offended you can and will get reprimanded.

    I completely agree that this re-election has brought out a side of many people I’ve worked with and beside for years that makes me very uneasy. One of those “AHA” moments that I’d rather not have about the people I spend most of my waking moments with.

  19. I pretty much stay away from talking politics or religion at all times. Unless I am in a very familiar setting with family or close friends, I prefer to stick to more breezy topics. People can lose their minds over their political views and I’d hate to have to cut someone… off.

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