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George Bush, Al Gore, and my Teenie Bopper

It is terrific raise politically aware children. This article is part of a series of articles dedicated to discussions of elections past and present. Our first aeticle urged everyone, no matter who their candidate of choice, to go vote, last week was about discussing election results respectfully. Next week, the last article in the series will be about John Kerry’s presidential campaign. This article is about the Bush/Gore race of 2000 and my Teenie Bopper when she was a Baby Bopper.

In November of  2000, my teenie bopper was a precocious 4 year old who was seeing talk about the Bush/Gore race all over the news as a result of her father’s political addiction. She decided Al Gore should win because he cared more about keeping water clean than did George Bush. It was cute to see her walking the streets of  Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania with her Gore-Leiberman campaign button and the campaign poster she kept in her bedroom window. When the election results were announced then litigated and then finalized, the baby bopper was not happy. She said then and says now that George Bush stole the election and was not a legitimate president. This was her at four, so I should not have been surprised at her teenage years, but that is another story.

Since that election she follows carefully and attentively politicians and election results and examines the relevant issues from her perspective each election. Please do not tell her you do not vote she will lose all respect for you. The point of this article is not to share any particular agenda. After all, if you are reading this, you know I am one of those far left-wing liberals. The point of this article is to say tha tin politics, like with so many things in life, our children watch what we do, form an opinion and then coy what they see. We are always told not to talk about sex, religion or politics in polite company. However, imagine a world where our children grow up politically aware and attentive. Imagine how life would be if politics were a subject like sports and our children grew up learning to pay attention and root for their own side without resorting to cheap name-calling and mean-spiritedness when disagreements arise.

I have a friend who is two of the most horrible things on earth, a Cowboys fan, and a Republican. She and I tease each other about sports and politics on a regular basis, but we don’t take it personally and we respect each other’s opinions.  In fact, when she runs for election again, I am going to be one of her campaign volunteers. That is the kind of example I want my children to see: you can disagree over politics but still remain friends.  So the question for you this Terrific Tuesday is,  what type of political children are you raising?

6 thoughts on “George Bush, Al Gore, and my Teenie Bopper”
  1. The time to talk to chiildren about things depends on you and your children. When children see the news, go to school and interact with the world, they are exposed to a great number of things we may not have talked to them about yet. Each home is different, what worked for my home, was having a plan for how to address issues when they came up. That meant I talked from a prepared, planned narrative rather than making up something as I went along. But, I am a control freak.

  2. All over FB, Twitter and in life people were so angry about the Presidential election and Obama/Romney as men. I am glad my kids look at the people running and the results. One of our friends was a council person in Upper Darby, Pa. and is a Republican, so that is a good example that you can get along with the opposition. Perhaps if people like you and I raise our children with good ideas and good manners, elections will be better in the future.

  3. Great article and great question! I grew up not knowing much (or having a negative view) about politics. And I definitely don’t want my kids to experience the same thing. So I am committed to making sure they know enough to make an informed decision, and also to know that it’s ok to have friends with different beliefs. After all…my sister is a republican.

  4. Well, my 3 year old frequently chants, “Obama! Obama!”, so there’s your clue! LOL! Great post, Janeane! I am friends with all types of folks. We need to make informed political choices, and since all of our experiences are different, our perspectives may not be the same! That’s what make the world go round.

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