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World Food Programme – Hunger is a Solvable Problem

I recently became part of the the Global Team of 200, an offshoot of  Mom Bloggers for Social Good.  The motto  of  the  Global Team of  200  is Individually we are all powerful. Together we can change the world. We believe in the power of collective action to help others and believe in ourselves to make this world a better place for our children and the world’s children.  This month one of the products we are collectively working  to bring attention to is the World Food Programme’s  (WFP) action in Bolivia.  In Bolivia , the WFP is providing healthy nutritious meals to school children.



The  incredible thing and the reason why you should care and do whatever you can to support  the WFP’s program in Bolivia is that the school meal program does more than simply give children food, it gives them hope.  Hunger is real and serious problem found around the world.  In Bolivia hunger is a special problem that endangers children and families.  Children who come to school hungry  are not able to concentrate and it is difficult for them to learn.  By providing meal to school children, the WFPis helping create a better world for the children of  Bolivia.


Eulalia the little girl on the left hope to have a home of her own with  trees and a garden. Because she starts each day with a    good nutritious breakfast, she is able to think and dream of the future.


This teacher has stated that since the his students are given a nutritious breakfast too start each day, they are able to focus on their mathematics lessons.  This means the students are actually learning at school instead of merely sitting and dreaming of food that may not be coming.

The  World Food Programme has been working to stamp out hunger  around the world and this recent campaign in Bolivia is am extension of its good work. According to the WFP, hunger is “the world’s  greatest solvable problems.”  It is my hope and the hope of all the  members of The Global Team of 200 that you  read this post and those of  other team members  and become  encouraged to do something to help feed the children of Bolivia and to help solve the problem of hunger around the world.  It is not hard. Do you know how to provide a meal to four children for only one dollar? The World Food Programme does.

I encourage everyone who reads this article and looks at the faces of these school children from Bolivia to do something to get involved.  Contribute money to the World Food Programme,  share this article and those of all The Global Team of 200 members, talk about this, make the issue know. Hunger is a problem that can be solved.  Working together we can solve it, so please get involved  today.


Please note, all images are from the World Food Programme website and are their property.