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Technology Tip – Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer

Use your phone as a personal organizer. If you are like most people, you have it with you almost all the time. That makes it the perfect personal organizer. At home, at work, or even at the supermarket, organize your life!


It is terrific to know that you can use your phone as a personal organizer and keep your life in order. Today, most busy people carry a smartphone with them at all times. Often the phone is with its owners more than anything else the person owns. For this reason, it makes sense to use the phone as a personal organizer as much as possible.

Once upon a time, I carried a paper planner book. I enjoyed picking out new organizer pages each year. Even the act of moving appointments and tasks from one organizer page to another made me feel important, special, and on top of my game. As the years have gone by, technology has made many tasks, including organizing one’s life easier to manage.


Using my smartphone as a personal organizer means I always have the information and resources I need at my disposal. I will not take my laptop to the bus stop or the school committee meeting, but I will have my smartphone.  When I am at the playground and need to add a play date for the children to my calendar, I do not have a paper organizer with me, but I will always have the smartphone in one of my pockets.

Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer or Bullet Journal

When you use your smartphone as a personal organizer rather than paper, it is easy to manage tasks, have alarms go off to remind you of what you need to do at any moment of the day. A smartphone can be trained to wake you up for Bible study, get dressed for the speech you must give to the school district, and get the supplies for the next day’s networking lunch. The paper planner will not do any of those things. Another wonderful thing about the smartphone is that all your information can be backed up to the cloud so that if it is lost or broken, you can get access to all your information and plans in mere moments without losing a step or a hair.

If your paper planner, calendar, or list of sticky notes is lost, damaged by a spill, or left at home you are in quite a pickle. While I adore paper, I adore getting organized, staying organized, and having the multitudes of information I use on a daily basis at my fingertips.

It is a great idea to Have Some Fun and Enjoy Your Smartphone


You may be in love with your paper organizer or with the idea of physically writing things down. I appreciate that nostalgia. As a woman who has always liked the look, feel and smell of paper, I truly understand. At the same time, just as we went from telegraph to fax to text, we must move forward with technology. Keep in mind, instead of using a virtual keyboard you can get apps that allow you to “write” on your smartphone so you can continue to enjoy the tactile sensation of writing things down and crossing items off your to-do list.    


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It is terrific to know that you can use your phone as a personal organizer and keep your life in order.  So, the question for you this terrific day is, how do you use your phone to keep your life in order?    



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35 thoughts on “Technology Tip – Use Your Phone as a Personal Organizer”
  1. Great suggestions! I love my paper planner, but you make very valid points as to the limitations. I need to figure out more ways to use my phone!!

  2. So many ways to use your phone. And it is so handy, can do almost anything!!! I like your tips here, reminds me that I can do more then my social media on it. Thanks

  3. I love my Planner . I use my phone/tablet to glance at things i’ve put into my Google calendar but overall I use my Planner more. i’m just a pen and paper kind of person 😉

  4. Oh my gosh, I don’t use my phone nearly to the extent that it could be! I’m still a big fan of pen and paper, I’d have to say … however, I have started to warm to the idea, especially since I realized using my smart phone is one of the easiest ways to upload photos for blog posts.

  5. My phone is my everything. I am trying to get more organized with it. Thanks for these doable tips!

  6. My phone is my go to. I use ot for everything and to keep track of everything.

  7. Great tip. It might be time for me to upgrade so I can get more done from my phone. Right now, I use it for social media (so that my computer stays focused on work) and as a timer for work sprints throughout the day. But clearly there is soooo much more!

  8. I would be lost without my phone. I keep everything on it, from work stuff to to-do lists to recipe ingredients.

  9. It just makes good sense to utilize it to its fullest, right? I have a trac phone by choice, lol, but I know my older (grown) kids make very good use of all their phones can do.

  10. Love it! I have no idea what I would do without my phone! The world would come to an end, that’s for sure LOL I really love great apps that help me stay organized, and the color-coded calendar is a life-savior. And now, I have a “smart camera” and I love it!

  11. You can do SO much with your phone if you take advantage of it.

  12. I spend plenty of time using my phone and I still don’t use all of the features. There are some good apps I miss out on too.

  13. So far I can play games on my phone, take pictures and coupon. I haven’t figure out the email part or the calender part yet but I’m trying.

  14. Thank god for the smartphone! I too use it to organize everything in my life… I prefer to not have to remember anything, but let my handy calendar app remind me instead.

  15. Manage 5 different email accounts?! You’ve got my head spinning just thinking about that. Good thing you’re so organized with your smart phone.

  16. Great tips! I have a smart phone and still neglect to use half of the apps on it! If I would only make it a habit- I am sure my life would be easier! Thanks for sharing!

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