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Technology Lessons – Technology Can Be Fun

One of the best technology lessons we can learn is that it can be fun. Your technology costs a lot of money. Take time to find ways to enjoy your technology.



It is terrific to realize that technology can be for more than just work, it can be fun. Entrepreneurs are often at the forefront of new and emerging technology. For most entrepreneurs, the main purpose of technology is to make work easier to do and more efficient. However, it is important to know that our technology can also be used for fun.

Over the course of the last five years, technology has grown developed and changed at an incredible rate. Once upon a time for example, when we worked using computers we were tethered to our desks. Just a few years ago, our computers were large multi-part devices that sat on our desks and were not portable. Today, laptop computers are popular in many offices and used by many entrepreneurs. Additionally, tablet technology makes it possible for us to carry powerful computer technology in our pockets, purses, and briefcases. Even more interesting, is the fact that computers in our smartphones make it possible for us to carry powerful computer technology and almost anywhere in the tiniest of packages.

As our computer technology has grown smaller, we have begun to realize that our computer technology does not have to be serious all the time. As our computer technology and grows smaller we have come to expect or gadgets to look more attractive and not merely functional. In other words, we have grown to expect our computer technology to be fun. Software manufacturers have both anticipated and responded to our desires by creating a variety of entertaining and fun software programs.

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Almost everyone across the country has either played or heard of the Candy Crush or Words with Friends games. While these are two of the most popular ways to have fun with your laptop, tablet, or smartphone they are far from the only fun things to do with your computer technology. There are a variety of drawing programs, photo editing programs, and games galore. There’s fun to be had for almost every personality type.

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So, the next time you look at your technology think about a fun activity you can do once the work is completed. It just might help you to get through the work tasks just a bit easier.



In conclusion, it is terrific to realize that technology can be for more than just work, it can be fun. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what is the most fun you have had with your technology?


65 thoughts on “Technology Lessons – Technology Can Be Fun”
  1. My little ones like to take photos of my teenie bopper and then draw all over them. They find that to be amazingly fun.

  2. It is fun for me to watch my daughters download things and then just win. My kids have taken to technology much better and more naturally than I did.

  3. I didn’t download Candy Crush because of how addictive people say it is. I do enjoy playing a variety of word and logic games.

  4. I think many personal computer users have moved away from desktop computers and to laptops and tablet devices. I think people like portability.

  5. Yes! We used to think those tri-corders on Star Trek were only a dream, but look at what our cell phones can do today!

  6. It’s so important to remember to carve out time for fun each day. Those little breaks really help the mind to focus and recharge after a stressful event, too!

  7. Thanks for reminding me that technology can be fun. I have been so caught up with blogging I forget there is entertainment value in my gadgets.

  8. Hmm, the most fun I’ve had with technology. Lately, watching my 2-year-old beat my husband and I at Angry Birds on every single level lol Plus I like to play a game on my phone now and then to unwind.

  9. We love working and having fun with tech in our home! While i use my computer for work, I also use it to game and keep in touch with family and friends. On my phone, I like to play games like Ruzzle, Plants vs Zombies, Bejeweled and occasionally, Candy Crush. You’ve just got to have fun in life!

  10. I use it for work but trust me I have my share of games that I play often when I need a break from the work and real world, LOL.

  11. I am afraid to get addicted to that Candy Crush game so I have never downloaded or played it. But I am all over Scrabble and word games.

  12. I do need to do more fun stuff I only use tech fro work. I am a bit concerned of playing games, I think I might become addicted really fast. 🙂

  13. I’m seriously addicted to the Minion Rush game! I play it every chance I get 🙂

  14. We went to the store last Monday to look for a new computer and we were surprised that there are only two boxes of it in there, it’s not even displayed. I am thinking that they are going away with desktop soon?

  15. I remember the days of those but chunky desktop computers being our only devices! We’ve come a long way!

  16. I don’t play games on the computer but I have LOTS of fun on Pinterest, I could be on that site all day long. I just get lost in the pretty pictures. I also like to watch comedy videos on a few different sites,

  17. You are sure right. It is amazing at how much the evolution of technology changed so fast. From huge heavy desktop to now iPad Air, touchscreen, removable tablet from its own keyboard, etc. I mean there are so many things going on in the technology world and yes, it can be fun too. It is amazing the world we are living in right now. When technology is at its best, it is amazing!

  18. I spend too much time online as it is. If I wanna have a break I’d spend it playing with my kids or crocheting.:)

  19. yes it can be, I have never played Candy Crush but I have several friends who do. I love playing app games on my iPad when I have a free moment.

  20. I agree technology can be fun when learned but it also can be a big pain

  21. That is so true! For fun I just downloaded an app that can “prettify” me!

  22. I use technology more for work than fun, but it’s nice to be able to switch from work mode to watching a movie on netflix.

  23. I have become much more immersed in technology the last few years. I never would have dreamed I would have so many tech gadgets.

  24. After being on my computer, the last thing I want to do is something fun on it! To me, having fun is doing anything not plugged in! lol

  25. Technology is always changing. I am only able to keep up because I work online full time and have to be up to date with the latest technology.

  26. Now that my daughter is getting older, I love playing games with her on the iPad. Her favorite right now is tracing letters. I love watching her do it and her excitement when she finishes each letter.

  27. i definitely have some fun with my laptop! On weekends, or whenever I have some me/free time I play The Sims3 😀

  28. Oh yeah! We are serious gamers in our house. When the work is done, the games come out!

  29. My Smart Phone gives me downtime! I use it to play Candy Crush, Soduko, and word games. 10 or 15 minutes here or there sharpens my brain and relaxes me!

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