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Do the Right Thing and Take Action Now

Take action now and do the right thing. After all, it is your choice and your chance so choose to make the world a better place.

African American woman jogging and the words "Do the Right Thing and Take Action Now"

It is always a good time to take action now and do the right thing. It is encouraging to know this because it means that no matter what your current situation, you can take action now and make your world what you want it to be.


It is always time to take action now and do the right thing and make your dreams come true.

Most people have a dream. Many of those dreams are big dreams. Big dreams are the best dreams. Big dreams are the dreams that cause people to start businesses, get married, have children, and change careers. Big dreams are the ones that make you drop your mouth open with amazement when they are accomplished. These are the dreams that make you cry with delight when you see someone achieve them. These big dreams never come to life by accident. The biggest dreams, the best dreams only come true when someone decides to take action now and make them come true.

In life, people know the right thing to do. They know how to accomplish their goals and make important things happen. This knowledge is important. It is almost impossible to succeed if you do not know what you want to accomplish and how to do it. Interestingly, this knowledge is only part of the puzzle.  More is needed in order to succeed, much more.

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In order to go from having a dream to living that dream, you must learn to take action now. Take action now means that you actually get up and do something. Take action now means you move from talking, planning, counting, and measuring to actually doing something real and concrete in order to make the dreams become reality. Check out the following story by way of example.

take action now, do the right thing

Five bird were sitting on a telephone wire in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They were talking about their vacation plans. The conversations were vivid and loud. Neighbors heard the birds and wondered what they were tweeting about. Some birds wanted to go west to the Grand Canyon. Others talked about traveling to foreign lands. In the end, three of the birds decided to go to Florida for the winter.
Question: How many birds were left on the telephone wire.
Answer: Five birds were left. Deciding to do something is not the same as taking action now to do something.

Life for people is often like the life of the birds in the story above. People talk and plan and dream and talk some more. Sometimes there are debates, loud strongly-worded debates. The debates can be so full of emotion and strong feelings that the casual observer will think big things will happen next. Unfortunately, so often, the big debates, even the loudest ones are followed by periods of inaction, doubt and in the end, things stay the same.

Not all of the debating involves groups of people. When it comes to debating about dreams and what to do to make them come true, some of the strongest debates are the ones we have with ourselves. The human brain is a strong and powerful tool. We can use it to talk ourselves into doing great and wonderful things. We can also use it to stall and talk ourselves out of great and wonderful things. The choice is yours. It is always your choice. When it comes to making your dreams come true, never forget it is your life, it is your choice. You can choose to change your world.

It’s your choice, choose to change the world.

My eldest daughter is a junior at the illustrious Spelman College in Atlanta Georgia. Spelman is the number one HBCU in the nation. It has received this distinct honor for many, many years. One of the things that always comes to mind when I think of Spelman is the words told to the entering freshman over and over during their first weekend on campus during the orientation program ” It’s your choice, it’s your chance, choose to change the world.” The young women are told that they have the power to choose to change the world. Beyond that, they are told that they are expected to change the world and to change it for the better.

Those words, that concept are strong and powerful. It is important for every person to understand clearly that they have the choice to change the world. When it comes to making your dreams come true, it is your choice. Make the choice to take action now. Make the choice to stop thinking, planning, and dreaming. Make the choice to do something. Make the choice to take action now.

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Young people in college are often idealistic. Often they think they are powerful beyond measure. They feel that the world has been waiting for them to step up and take action now. Somewhere along the way that enthusiasm and zeal are lost for a variety of reasons. By the time the young college students become actual adults with real jobs, lives, and responsibilities they no longer remember they have the power to change the world.

If you have lost the belief that you can change the world, be encouraged. You should be encouraged because you can get it back. You can come back to the realization that you have the choice to change the world. It is within your power to step up and choose to change your world.

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32 thoughts on “Do the Right Thing and Take Action Now”
  1. Love this pst and yes… its is about taking action. Not making plans and then never following through…. enjoyed the read and bookmarked to comer back!

  2. Yes, sometimes we need an action, to do something for us or the world, but sometimes we just first need to realize what we have, and be thankful for it and than do something more for us and the world.

  3. I think that too often, we wait for things in life, when we should be doing more and putting things into action.

  4. This is such a great post – I have to admit I am awful at actually taking the action which I need to do to succeed.

  5. Nothing is more important than taking action on one’s goals and wishes. This is a great reminder of the importance of moving forward with specific targeted actions.

  6. It’s important for us all to have dreams or goals in life. The only person that can make that happen though is us!

  7. This is absolutely true! I totally agree on this! I love this post, so motivational!

  8. SO true. Planning and goals are important but it’s taking action that takes us to our dreams. Its time to take actions now

  9. I always believe that actions speak louder than words, but its about knowing when to use words, and when to use actions. Always good to do the right thing!

  10. It’s important to dream first, create, come up with ideas, but then absolutely DO something about it.

  11. I really love this. Such wonderful ideas. It’s always a great time to start taking action.

  12. I really enjoyed reading this post, doing the right thing is so important.

  13. That’s what I’m doing now, looking for ways to make a difference. After raising kids and taking care of my mom this is the first time my time was actually my own.

  14. I love this! Always do the right thing is a big one. I will take action but I always make sure it’s the right thing for my family first.

  15. They say the hardest thing is usually the right thing, but it’s so important to take that first step

  16. I watched a show recently that said that younger people are more likely to stand up for what they believe in because a part of their brain isn’t fully developed and they are less afraid to take risks.

  17. Love that quote and great ideas, so motivational!

  18. I think this is great but even when you take action you have to be realistic because most things don’t happen over night.

  19. It all starts with that first step. Your dreams are right there!

  20. So true.. Big dreams are what makes big businesses hence makes jobs,that makes the economy going,love it.

  21. I love this.. These are great ideas. This year has taught me to stop talking and thinking. Just take action.

  22. Agree! Talking without doing is daydreaming. Action, failure, and then many failures stumble up and down until figuring out…

  23. I think it’s important to dream but to also set realistic expectations and have patience! Trust the process.

  24. I like how you highlighted the importance of doing. It’s important to debate things with ourselves to figure out if it’s worth doing.

  25. I love these ideas. Starting now is the best way to get anywhere. If you put things off, you’ll never start anything.

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