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Stop Being Scared and Start Doing the Bold Thing

stop dreaming start doing

Decide today that you will stop being afraid and start doing that bold, audacious, courageous thing you dream about. Living in fear does nothing but help you to be more afraid. Instead, step up and do the bold thing of your dreams.

We all have big bold dreams we need to pursue.

Recently I purchased a notebook cover with the words, “Stop Dreaming Start Doing” boldly emblazoned across the cover. I did not need the new notebook cover, but the message drew my eyes and my dollars. I am a person who dreams big and wonderful dreams. I have done this all my life. The first dream I remember was the dream I had when I was five. At that time I dreamed that by the time I was thirty I would be married, have a child and be an attorney. I achieved that dream and then thought, wow, I accomplished that, I should have dreamed bigger. So, I continued to dream big, bold and audacious dreams.

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Recently, I dreamed of a conference I call the #MakeItWorkRetreat. Several months ago, I did the conference on a small-scale although I dreamed about doing it on a big scale. I am talking about a big, bold, scary scale. I was afraid to go big with the conference. I made up dozens of excuses for why I should keep it small and low-key. It was a nice event, but it could have been a grand, wondrous, bold and audacious thing. But, I talked myself out of going big and bold. Instead, I kept dreaming about #MakeItWorkRetreat. I dreamed about locations, session topics, potential speakers, the great things I would do for attendees. Dreaming about it is not enough though. I need to start doing the work to make the dream a reality. So, I am doing that. I am stepping out on faith, putting on my fake it until I make it with work dress and doing the bold thing. The conference will took place in May 2017.

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26 thoughts on “Stop Being Scared and Start Doing the Bold Thing”
  1. I agree! We should do the things that scare us. Sometimes I make myself do something because I am scared. Good luck! Go for it. You will never know unless you try.

  2. After my husband died unexpectedly, I realized I’d worried about the wrong things which has freed me to just go for it all.

  3. Exciting! I’ve challenged myself to run a retreat in 2017. I’m not looking for big and bold, but rather intimacy, connection and growth for the women attending. Maybe by focusing on the positive benefits for your attendees (i.e., how you being big and bold might encourage them to be big and bold, too) will help fuel you as you make this happen. Good luck!

  4. I am so amazed by your confidence in life. I really need to stop being afraid of life and just DO IT!

  5. I so needed to read this today! Sometimes we need to be reminded how short this life is and that we need to do what we want before the chance to do so evaporates! Thank you so much for inspiring me to follow my dreams today

  6. I definitely need to push myself to reach higher. I get way too comfy with the easy thing.

  7. Goals are just a wish until you make a plan to put them into action. We all need this reminder!

  8. You never know what will happen if you do not try. It is better to be able to say I tried then I was to scared to go for it.

  9. My friend and I were just talking about this. She has always wanted to have a job in a certain field. The opportunity has come up and she is going for it.

  10. I think it is important to go for it. You will never gain anything being to scared to try.

  11. This year I took a big leap and am going for my dream job. It was time I did something to get the life I have always wanted.

  12. I like Dreaming and doing! Dreaming shows me the possibilities, doing is the action step in faith that dreams will come true!

  13. This is funny and seems to be the theme this week. Even Fiona from my TV show realized this on last night’s ep. of Shameless.

  14. I think this is a great post! It’s always great to just start being bold! I know it can be hard sometimes depending on the situation though. The first steps are usually the hardest!

  15. This is such a powerful message. I’m a creature of comfort, and sometimes need that extra push to start making things happen for myself.

  16. You know what? I totally needed to hear this today. I have some things on my plate that I need to just step out and deal with. Thanks for the push

  17. Great reminder for all of us. Start doing: and watch the amazing things happen!

  18. I can be so hard to take that first step. When you are secure in a job that you have but you know it’s not right it’s scary to do but I think it’s necessary. Life is too short to do something you hate your whole life.

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