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Spring Into Action – Make One Improvement at Work

It is fantastic for an entrepreneur to spring into action by making one improvement in her business. It is scary to look at a long list of improvements needed and not know where to begin or if the list will ever get completed. There is reason to smile however. The list can be completed, it can be managed. Step by step, piece by piece, the list can get done, and completing tasks is contagious. Spring into action and start making improvements to your business because it is necessary, it is important and it can be done.
action, spring into action, eat an elephant, improvements needed list, improvments, entrepreneur, approach
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Most entrepreneurs have a long list of improvements needed for their businesses. Those lists get longer and longer with each day that passes. Sometimes it is overwhelming to admit just how much work is needed to keep a business up and running. For many people, when the list of improvements needed is too long it gets scary. Those people go from scared to paralyzed and then stay at paralyzed. It does not have to be that way. Imagine for an instant what things would be like if instead of acting scared and being overcome by paralysis, one chose to eat the elephant.

Think about the old riddle,

     Question:          How do you eat an elephant
     Answer:            One bite at a time

When you think about it, the riddle just makes sense. An elephant is a big thing, a giant thing, a thing way too big to think about eating. Just the thought of sitting down to eat an elephant is an overwhelming thing. However, if instead of looking at the whole elephant you look at the job of eating an elephant as just taking a bite, the task seems more manageable. A person can take a bite because a bite is not scary. A bite of chocolate makes you want more. A bite of a red velvet cupcake makes you want more. A bite, a first step is not scary at all. A bite of the list of improvements needed is not scary, it can be managed.

If an entrepreneur took her list of improvements needed, and took the eat an elephant approach, the to do list would be a little less scary and a lot more manageable. Instead  of being overwhelmed by the sheer large size of her list of improvements needed, it may be a good idea for her to spring into action, pick one item on the list, any item, and deal with that item, just the one item. Make one improvement, then sit back for a moment and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and pride of purpose. Action is contagious, once the joy of completing one item on the improvements needed list is done, it well help spur on more action.

One by one, bite by bite the list of improvements needed will get smaller and smaller as the entrepreneur eats her elephant. Each completed task attracts attention to another task in need of completion. As the newly established pattern continues, the question stops being, “How do you eat an elephant,” and becomes “Would you please pass me a napkin? I am done my meal.” The eat the elephant approach is not the only approach, but it is my favorite.

action, spring into action, eat an elephant, improvements needed list, improvments, entrepreneur, approach
Photo Credit: Janeane Davis Fantastic Friday Spring into Action, Eat an Elephant

In conclusion, it is fantastic to spring into action by making one improvement at a time because it can start an avalanche. The elephant of a list of improvements you have for your business can be managed, can be completed and can be done. So, spring into action, pick something,  anything and get it done. Then repeat that again and  again, just one thing at a time. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what item on your business’ list of improvements needed are you going to spring into action and complete today?

3 thoughts on “Spring Into Action – Make One Improvement at Work”
  1. I SWEAR you are reading my mind! I have been looking at the piles of crap around my deak, wringing my hands worrying about how to get this done. A little at a time and before I know it, my desk is clean again.

  2. That is a smart idea, after all sometimes we eat lunch and sometimes we eat dinner! It is also smart to keep your to do list in line with your time and the demands of the job! Great advice in your response.

  3. The beginning of the month is always very busy for me (especially since this is Credit Education Month). So, I cancelled my morning meeting, postponed my lunch meeting and I am settling down to make a lot of phone calls and to enact my online marketing that I have prepped for the month. I am ON IT! lol And I could only do this by determine what I couldn’t do. I traded for a smaller elephant. 🙂

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