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Your Smart Phone is a Marvel at Organization – Use It

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It is terrific to realize that your smart phone is a marvel at organization, so use it! Almost every working woman carries a smart phone on her. Most find they cannot go through the day without glancing down to check email, texts and social media updates. Contact lists in phones replaced address books long ago. Today people use their phones instead of cameras and alarm clocks. For many, the phone is like another appendage. If you are a person who is that attached to her phone, start using it for more and make it really earn its keep.

My phone earns its keep. I use it:

– to start my day with Bible Study
– as an alarm to get the children to the bus stop in the morning
– as a planning device to keep on schedule with daily tasks both personal and professional
– as a word processor for writing
– the spreadsheet program for keeping track of business plans
– as an exercise manager
– for fitness record keeping
– as a blood pressure monitor
– to store my information in the cloud and sync with other devices

Look at your life. Pay careful attention to all the post it notes, calendars, flyers and scraps of paper you have around the house and office. Look at the journals you have for work, for home, for the children, for your spouse and for special projects. Instead of trying to keep track of all those things, start using your phone instead. Even if you like to write, you can use handwriting recognition applications on your phone to write out what needs to be written. Don’t let nostalgia and love of paper keep you from working at optimal levels.

If you are looking for apps to help you be smarter with your smart phone, go beyond Facebook, Twitter, Skype, Pinterest and LinkedIn. Look at things like:

– MHotSpot – to turn your phone into a hotspot
– Mindjet Mindmaps – to map out and review your plans
– Rescue Time – to keep track of the time you are spending using various tasks and websites
– Aviary to edit photos on the go
– Kindle Reading app – keep up with books for yourself and your children
– NextIssue – to keep the latest issues of magazines at your fingertips-
– NexErcise to keep track of your physical fitness
– Onenote – to keep track of documents, notes and websites you visit
– Supermarket apps to save money on advertised specials and custom coupons

Look at your life, think about what you do and what you would like to do. Find ways to do it all on your phone rather than in three separate notebooks, on seventeen post it notes and sixteen different pieces of scrap paper on your desk. You are working hard, that is to be admired. Move beyond that and start working smart. After all, in the end, more get s accomplished when you work smart than when you merely work hard.

Just as once upon a time we relied upon telegrams, the Pony Express and daily deliveries from the milk man. Now we have faxes, email and text messaging as well as Facetime and Skype. You have a smart phone, use it in a smart way. Use your smart phone to organize your life and help you to work smarter instead of merely harder.

It is terrific to realize that your smart phone is a marvel at organization, so use it! So, the question for you this terrific day is what can you do to take advantage of the organizational power of your phone.


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photo credit: ooh_food via photopin cc
photo credit: ooh_food via photopin cc

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21 thoughts on “Your Smart Phone is a Marvel at Organization – Use It”
  1. These are some great tips on how to use our phones for more then just texting. I feel like to many people use their phones for games and social media these days.

  2. Great tips! I use my phone for EVERYTHING. The one thing I need to use more, my Calendar. When i do remember to use it, keeps me organized.

  3. You are SO right! Work smarter not harder. I need to really think about the apps on my phone!

  4. I wish the entire education world all thought this way. I think we should teach kids to use their electronic devices in a smart, productive way.

  5. I don’t have a smartphone. Ha! I know it’s absurd, but true. 😉 Hubby toys w/the idea now and again…maybe someday we’ll join the new century. 🙂

  6. I have so many apps on my phone (not by choice). Most of these apps I have never used. Honestly, I wish I could remove them. The apps that I installed and use the most besides FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram are You Version, Blogger, Page Manager, Color Note, Photgrid, and Calendar. After reading your post, I realized that I maintain a calendar for both of my daughters, but I do not maintain a calendar for myself. This is something that I have to implement.

  7. I don’t know why my schedules are still handwritten. The organizational apps on my phone are so easy to use.

  8. I’m sad to say my phone is used strictly fro calling and texting.Plus the occasional picture. I really do need to learn to do more on it.

  9. I really need to look into all the apps that would be helpful in my life. I always have my phone with me.

  10. I use EverNote 🙂 I’m still getting the hang using a Smartphone as a Blogger Believe it or not .. but I do use Evernote

  11. I tend to look at people with smart phones a little crazy when I hear they don’t use it to its full potential. A complete waste of money if you ask me. Great tips.

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