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Good For You Book – “Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice”

It is sensational to read a good for you book like Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich: a Black Choice.” This book was good when it was written and it is still a good read and relevant choice today.

African American woman sitting outside reading a book and the words "Good For You Book Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice"

Recently in this online magazine, we have been writing articles about what we call “good for you books.” These are books that has been around for a while and is good for you.  I have written many times in this space about my love affair with written words. I adore my e-reader and the 3,000 books that are on it!  I get a high from smelling the pages of a new physical book and the ink intoxicates me.

Previously, as part of this series, I have shared The Bible for its non-religious sources of inspiration. Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers was shared for its interesting take on the role of genius in success. Future books in this series will look at the books:

I enjoy sharing interesting books and hope my sharing these books with you will help make your life better and richer. Today I am sharing the book, Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice

Napoleon Hill wrote the original Think and Grow Rich many years ago. It espoused his principles on how to become wealthy based upon things Hill studied at the behest of Andrew Carnegie in 1937.  When he died, he left behind the manuscript for what became Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice which had specific recommendations for Black Americans to grow wealth. Dennis Kimbro and the Napoleon Hill foundation completed the book. I am sharing this book for the general principle it espoused that is relevant to each and every person in America regardless of racial and cultural history.

If you read nothing else in the book, read Chapter 11 – Three Magic Words. According to the book, the three magic words that make everything in life possible are “right mental attitude.”  I agree the words right mental attitude are magical, special, and precious. If you have the right mental attitude you can make possible impossible things. I have said over and over when I get scared about things I must do I get dressed: I put on my big girl panties and my fake it until I make it (with work) dress and get to doing what needs to be done. The right mental attitude helps you to overcome any obstacle, meet any challenge and survive any blow.

No matter what you are doing in life, you must find a way to develop, keep and use the right mental attitude. So, the question for you on this sensational day is what do you do to get the right mental attitude?

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