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Miracle Morning – When You Walk Into a Room

The question for you this miracle morning is are people excited because you’re about to enter the room they are in?

African American woman walking into a room and the words "Do People Look Forward to You Walking Into the Room"

Your miracle morning routine is a great time to figure out if peole are happy to see you walk into the room.

Go to the *** below for a description of the Miracle Morning Routine.

On my walk through the neighborhood this morning I saw a building with a sign that said: “Tenant Obtained.” This building has been empty for approximately 2 months. For the past three weeks, the windows and the door has been covered. Consequently, The new sign has caused some excitement in the neighborhood.

My family and I, as well as other members of the community, have been waiting to see who the tenant is. We wonder what type of business this will be. There is speculation about the goods and services that will be offered. In other words, we are excited to see who is about to walk into the room.

Is your presence eagerly anticipated?

Miracle Morning - Miracle Morning - Are people excited because you're about to enter the room?

In other words, this mystery and as of yet unknown entrepreneur’s arrival is being anxiously anticipated. A certain amount of Goodwill’s already exists for this business. The business is going into an empty location, and bringing something new, and taking away an empty lonely place. The entrepreneur and the business to come are being talked about on a street where they have not yet arrived.

Take a moment now to think about your business. Are people excited about you entering the room? Do you have a reputation that makes people anxiously anticipate your arrival? Is the way you serve your customers and prospects a way that makes them rave about what you have to offer?

*** What the Miracle Morning means in my world.***

Recently, I decided to start a Miracle Morning routine. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, it involves getting up a little earlier in the day. The day starts with you doing SAVERS. To translate that into English, it means:


Miracle Morning - Are people excited because you're about to enter the room?

In my world, I start with spirituality – I read my Bible and pray. Next, I read or write affirmations. I do a lot of work dealing with creating confidence so I read my creating confidence affirmations or spend time creating 1 or 2 more. For visualization, I spend time picturing what will make the day successful. The exercise involves me taking a 20-minute walk around the neighborhood. After my walk, I read. I created a reading list for the mornings. This is a list of books, I want to read for pleasure, for enrichment, or because I need to read them. Finally, it is time to scribe or write. I have decided to turn the things I think about on my walks into blog articles for my scribe activity.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Miracle Morning series.

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