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What I Learned from My Accountability Group

It is magnificent to learn things as part of an accountability group. Back in October of 2012 I attended a conference and one of the lasting results of that conference was an accountability group I formed with two other attendees. Our accountability group is young and we are working our way through the kinks and organizing details. We have had some starts and stops, but we are hanging in there and we are determined to make it work. We have plans for days to announce our steps towards goals for the week and plans for days when we will actually report the results of our efforts.  I am excited to see what we do in the new year. 
I have learned a few things from this accountability group:
  • I am competitive and  I work better when there is a challenge, any challenge in front of me.
  • I make big plans, exciting plans and then have to figure out ways to carry them out in manageable bites
  • I really enjoy helping other people reach their goals
  • I like reporting and sharing my successes and lack of same with people who want me to succeed
As the new year begins, like most people I have plans to make the new year better than the last. There are many things I am doing differently. I am part of the accountability group I mentioned here and part of an accountability group for a thirty-one day starting over challenge being run by Cheryl Pullins, one of the speakers at the PowerUp Weekend Conference. I want to use what I learned in my current accountability group to make the new year better for myself and my group members.  With my accountability groups this year, I am doing a few things differently:
  • I am going to plan out my goals with full details and specificity
  • I am going to list out the path from goal inception to completion in detailed, easy to follow, bite sized steps
  • I am going to share my successes and problems with my accountability partners so they can help me grow
  • I am going to pay careful attention to the goals and plans of my accountability partners
  • I am going to give good, concrete and well thought out advice to my accountability partners
  • I am going to be a good partner, period
I think accountability groups are a great and useful tool for improving individual and group results. I am looking forward to being  a better accountability partner in 2013. So, the question for you this magnificent day is, how you going to be a better accountability partner in 2013?
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  1. That is a great idea, inspiration group. I will tell them that name. We are trying to help each other reach whatever we want to reach and it is really a great thing.

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