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Learn to TAN aka Take Action Now With Mind Maps

It is magnificent to mind map a plan and take action now. Mind maps are amazing tools for making connections, planning steps, and taking action to get things done.

The act of taking action now is such an important one that this blog has devoted an entire series to the idea.  The series has included articles on why you should TAN.. Other articles in the series include using vision boards to TAN and using accountability groups to TAN. A mind map is a way of organizing your thoughts and ideas in a visual manner. Normally, a mind map starts with a central point or idea in the middle and then everything spreads out from there.

Originally, mind maps were done with pen and paper. Today there are a great number of mind-mapping programs on the market. If mind mapping is new to you, do not go out and buy an expensive program. Try a free version first, once you get the hang of things you can buy a premium program with a lot of bells and whistles. I have been using free computerized mind-mapping programs for the past five years. I like being able to plan something on the computer and carry it with me on my tablet or use it on my smartphone.

Part of getting a TAN is working on your plan. It does not make sense to take action without an idea of what you are going to do. A mind map is a tool that allows you to visually outline your options and quickly draw connections between ideas. With mind maps, you can connect ideas in new and interesting ways which often leads to interesting problem-solving results.  Mind maps enable you to make plans that you can share easily with others and stay on track. With mind maps, you can keep track of what you have done and what still needs to be done quickly, with just a glance.



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It doesn’t matter if you are using old-fashioned pen and paper or one of the new electronic programs, try starting a mind map today to organize the things that need you to Take Action Now.  Once you have your ideas mapped out, and all on paper or on-screen in front of you, get started following your plan and Take Action Now. The organization of the mind map allows you to move past planning and get to the doing. Remember, the goal when creating a mind map is not to make a pretty picture.


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In conclusion, it is magnificent to mind map a plan and take action now. Create your mind map and then get moving, Take Action Now and accomplish something. So, the question for you on this magnificent day is what goal are you going to mind map and then TAN (Take Action Now) to accomplish?


30 thoughts on “Learn to TAN aka Take Action Now With Mind Maps”
  1. F*ckin’ amazing things here. I’m very glad to see your post. Thanks a lot and i’m looking forward to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a e-mail?

  2. Thanks so much for stopping by! I think many of us were like you, we made it pretty because that was easier and safer than doing the work we were planning! I am working hard at taking action now and it is easier to take good action if I have a plan of attack. You are so right about the momentum. Success feels good and breeds success. I am so happy you liked what I wrote. By the way I like your blog and the idea of intentionally living an uncommon life where I get to put my 99 cents in!

  3. Ha, it’s funny that you said ‘the goal of the mind map is not to make the picture look pretty’ because that was me all the way in the beginning when I started making them! LOL

    I don’t know why I was taking so much time in the pretty department but in the end, got down to the nitty and outlined goals and actions. I knew the more time I wasted on unnecessary things (prettying up the map), the more time not used on what really matters.

    I love this series and I’m all about taking action more and more…also, I will point out that when the momentum gets going (taking and completing one action), it seems that more confidence and energy is created to go even further take MORE action…love it!


  4. Next week I am talking about vision boards using the information I got from Dr. Cutts at PowerUp Weekend. I am exicted about the vision board process because it is brand new to me. I am looking forward to exploring it with everyone.

  5. Making a vision board is something that I really need to do!! I keep encouraging others to do one, but never get around to doing one for myself. I need to actually see my plan of action visually that way I can stay focused. Thank you for the reminder!

  6. We are all getting TAN!!! I have sticky notes on my laptop computer that sync with Evernote, so I can still use the stickies,but not be in trouble if they are lost. I really love the electronic mind maps. When I use them, I am more efficient and organized. I am trying to force myself to use them all the time.

  7. I need something like this in my life. I use real life sticky notes to try and organize and plan my thoughts. However, sticky notes get lost 🙁 I am going to look for my free app today! Thanks so much for this, I feel closer to getting TAN!

  8. I am the opposite of you, I am accustomed to mind mapping and vision boarding is new to me. I had a vision boarding session at a recent conference and it was a wonderful experience I am working with for several areas of life. Stop back next week and share your thoughts on vision boarding.

  9. I use the mind maps for myself and to do work for my clients, but I have never used them with the client. I will have to try that approach, thanks for the suggestion.

  10. I like the freedom of the mind map process. Once you check out some programs, let me know how it works out for you.

  11. The mind map works great for creative thinkers because the point is to get your ideas out and the format does not matter. Once the ideas are out, you can use them. I really like working with them, not just making them, but actually doing the work.

  12. Great article. I am very familiar with vision boarding. Mary Kay teaches us to use those. I would love to hear more about mind mapping. The problem I have with goal setting is executing till the end. My progress is usually stifled by obstacles. The goal I would like to focus on would be completing the qualifications to apply for directorship with MK.

  13. I love this. I use mind mapping for my clients who are strugging with what to name their company or trying to find the perfect USP. I have not thought of using it this way though. I must try this. Thanks Janeane!

  14. I needed this today! I have so many goals I need to reach before the end of this year and it’s become a little overwhelming. Going to check out some of the free apps.

  15. A mind map!!! This is what I have been needing! This is going to be great for me, because I don’t think in a straight line.

  16. On my Kindle Fire I use Mindjet it syncs with the cloud app I can use on my desktop. I also have freeminds another free mind mapping program on my computer. I have become more productive using the electronic versions because I can make additions, revisions and follow my process very neatly. Kindle has a few free books on mind mapping you can check out. If you don’t find them, email me I can give you some names. I am talking about mindmaps next week, stop back by and share your ideas then. I stopped by your blog and liked it. I will visit you again.

  17. For my Kindle Fire I use Mindjet (mindjet.com) because it is free on the Kindle and on the internet. I have Freeminds on my desktop. I particularly like things that sync in the cloud beause I still have all my information if my technology dies or gets lost. The free ones seem to work as well as the paid version for my purposes, so I plan to keep using the free programs. Try something out and let me know how it works out for you.

  18. Interesting concept. I love vision boarding but would love to hear more about mind mapping apps/tools.

  19. Great post and reminder of a few things I need to TAN on myself! I would definitely love to hear more about the electronic programs that you use as I’ve always done the old-fashioned pen and paper thing 🙂

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