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Kevin Hart, Verizon and the Perfect Gift

Magnificent Monday- it is magnificent to give someone the perfect gift.

Kevin Hart did a funny video you can see on the upper right corner of this blog about getting the perfect gift for Christmas.  I am an amazing knitter. I like to make sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, blankets and, well anything knitted. I knit while I read, talk on the phone, even walk down the street.  At this time  of year I am bombarded with request for knitted items to give as presents. It always reminds me of the first sweater I made for my husband when we were  first dating.

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It was a beautiful cobalt blue wool sweater made of double stranded merino wool. For those of you who are not knitting addicts, that last sentence means nothing, so I will translate it into everyday English. It was a pretty blue sweater made out of yarn that was double thick. It was extremely heavy and would keep a man warm in Antarctica. I wanted to get the sweater done on time, in three weeks, so I spent many nights sitting up until 3 am knitting to get it done on time.  When I finally gave it do Darren, he looked at it and smiled. But it wasn’t a good smile. It was one of those, ‘Oh, man no, no, no,” smiles. After a few minutes of conversation. I learned that while Darren liked the sweater and thought it was beautiful and he appreciated the thought that went into it, he would never wear the sweater.

It turned out that Darren does not wear sweaters, ever. That gift was 24 years ago. We have now been married more than 22 years. Guess how many sweaters I have seen Darren purchase in the past 24 years?  If you guessed zero, you are absolutely correct. I have never seen him wear a sweater.  He doesn’t own a sweater. We are a motley crew. I own a bunch of sweaters I have knit over the years and he owns no sweaters at all. What I thought was the perfect gift, that beautiful cobalt blue, merino wool, double stranded sweater, was not good at all. By the way, that sweater became a beautiful sweater and skirt set for me!

The bottom line is, the perfect gift is perfect in the eyes of the recipient, it doesn’t matter what the giver thinks! Check out the video and see what Kevin Hart’s aunt thought was the perfect gift for Kevin Hart. So the question for you this Magnificent Monday is have you ever given someone what you thought was the perfect gift only to have them tell you they hate it?

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  1. I have had more than my share of giving gifts that I thought was perfect but turned out to be far less than! This video is hilarious and reminds me that I need to be more conscious when shopping for friends and family this year!

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