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Cookie’s Kids – A Fun Way to Get Kids Winter Clothes

It gets COLD during the winter in the north-eastern part of the United States where I live.  My three little ones have been asking me for days to knit them hats and gloves. I told them I would not until they learned to keep their clothing off the floor. So, I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to go to Cookie’s Kids to shop for some winter items for my children.  Cookie’s Kids was created by two bothers named Cookie and Marvin back in 1972. The brothers started with toys and moved on to clothing, added a partner, and the rest as they say is history. Today there are six Cookie’s Kids superstores throughout New York. However, I did not have to go to New York to shop, I was able to sit on my couch at my laptop and go to CookiesKids.com which was launched in 2007.

No mother can resist a picture of  cute kid. Cookie’s Kids knows this, check out the photo that greeted me when I went to the site:

 www.cookieskids.com # cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric
www.cookieskids.com # cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric

My five year old twin girls, being normal children could sense I was comfy on the couch so they ran into the room to see what I was doing.  They reminded me, in case I forgot they had asked one hundred times, that they needed new hats and gloves. One of the twins saw the cutest Dora the Explorer hat and gloves set.  I really liked the feature that allowed you to click on any item in the catalogue and see it in larger detail along with any other colors available for that item.  This made shopping so easy! Here is a picture of the screenshot of the Dora the Explorer  hat and gloves set:

06 cookies kids zahirahs hat in detail
www.cookieskids.com # cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric Dora the Explorer, hat

When my 9 year old son heard the twins laughing and shopping he wanted to join the fun. So I looked to see if CookiesKids.com had anything for boys. They did! There was a full selection of everything for boys. He wanted a zip up hoodie with pockets. Here is  screen shot of the hoodie from Swiss Cross that caught his eye:

www.cookieskids.com #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric Swiss Colors, black hoodie
www.cookieskids.com #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric Swiss Colors, black hoodie

Once I was done shopping I got an email from Cookie’s Kids confirming what I had ordered. I liked this because within minutes of leaving the site, I received confirmation of the items I ordered, sizes, colors and prices. It was nice to be able to verify everything was correct. Before the order was shipped, I got another email from Cookie’s Kids telling me what was being shipped to me again confirming items, sizes and costs.  It was really fun when I saw the package on my doorstep one morning when I was taking the kids to the school bus stop.   The kids wanted to rip the package open at the bus stop but I would not allow that!  When the kids got home from school we opened the package and saw:

package contents,  #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric
package contents, #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric

The twins begged me to let them try on their hats and gloves. They looked so cute I was glad I bought the sets an snapped about a dozen pictures. If clothes from Cookie’s Kids make them act this sweet, I am definitely shopping there again. You check out one of the photos and tell me what you think:

Cookie's Kids, #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric , hats, gloves
Cookie’s Kids, #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric , hats, gloves

My son did not want to be outdone by his little sisters had to try on his new hoodie. He said he liked how soft the material was and the front and side pockets. Check him out in his serious big boy pose:

www.cookieskids.com, black hoodie,  #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric
www.cookieskids.com, black hoodie, #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric

The kids looked so cute in this picture all hugged up in their winter wardrobe items from Cookie’s Kids. The silly smiling faces tell you how much they liked their new winter items. What mother wouldn’t shop at a store that creates smiles like these:

 www.cookieskids.com black hoodie, Dora hat #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric
www.cookieskids.com black hoodie, Dora hat #cookieskids, #collectivebias #socialfabric

Cookie’s Kids has so many gorgeous items to delight you and your children. For more pictures from my fun time shopping at www.cookieskids.com, check out my Google + story. Good Shopping!

 I  am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ and Cookie’s Kids #CBias #CookiesKids #SocialFabric . All opinions expressed here are my own. 

4 thoughts on “Cookie’s Kids – A Fun Way to Get Kids Winter Clothes”
  1. Thank you so much for your kind words, the children will love them. I really liked Cookie’s Kids. I had not shopped there before, but I am so glad I found them. The prices are incredible! The selection was amazing.

  2. Oh your twin girls, they are so lovely! Your son is a cutie too, you are very blessed! Love those finds, thank you for sharing!

  3. I thank you and my children thank you! They like me working and them being able to shop for what they want. You should see the list of other things they want from the Cookie’s Kids site! I really like Social Fabric. Not many jobs make you smile and make your kids smile at the same time!

  4. Oh my word, your children are so cute! They look extra adorable (and extra warm!) in their new winter gear!

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