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Love Work for the Adult Interaction

It is wonderful to appreciate work because it gives an opportunity for adult interaction. Human beings are inherently social beings. For the most part, we enjoy being around people, talking with them, watching them, sharing ideas and experiences with them. Among other things, work gives us the opportunity for adult interaction.

It is common to appreciate work because work provides income and opportunity for advancement. One thing people do not commonly realize is a perk of employment is the opportunity to interact with other adults.It is increasingly common for people to telecommute or work at home. It is a wonderful thing to work at home, to have the freedom to set one’s own hours, to customize your work area and to have an atmosphere with only the distractions you set for yourself. However, one thing that working at home does not provide in abundance is the ability to have adult interaction.

Most people have gone to a Starbucks store and seen it full of people on their laptop computers, cell phone and deep into file folders. Many of these people are using Starbucks as a satellite office. People who work in traditional offices may wonder why anyone would choose to work at Starbuck rather than the office or at home. Those who work at home understand and realize that working at your home office offers very little opportunity for adult interaction. It is nice to work at home in a comfortable spot in pajamas. However, after a while, the thrill leaves and the desire for adult interaction develops.  At Starbucks, a worker is able to have some of the best parts of working in a traditional office: the ability to get up and dressed to go out to work, interaction with other adults, the pressure to work.

At traditional places of employment, many employees take a lunch break and use that time to interact with other adults. Workplace cafeterias are often loud, happy places that are full of the noises and sounds of adults interacting with one another in a social manner. For some workers, at some jobs, it is the interaction at lunchtime that makes an otherwise bad job bearable. It is something to be thankful to have, the ability to interact with other adults during a lunch break.

Working at a traditional workplace permits interaction with adults throughout the day and that ability to interact is a wonderful thing. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, do you appreciate the opportunity for adult interaction your job provides?

9 thoughts on “Love Work for the Adult Interaction”
  1. Short conversations are better than none. I work at home and my conversations are usually me telling the cat to get off my furniture.

  2. I work in an office but aside from my short convos with my coworkers, I do not have much people interaction … Where they do that at? lol

  3. There is something nice about having a chance to be a “real” adult out in the real world. It is a wonderful treat for SAHMs and WAHMs.

  4. I don’t get a ton of adult interaction because I’m usually working from home or my co-working space. My work time is really condensed. But I have attended more blogger events in the last week and that’s been fun. To see friends who just “get it” and understand some of the weird blogger jargon we use!

  5. I have young children so I understand your situation. I think it is important for us as women to get outside interaction, it has nothing to do with our love for our children, but everything to do with our love for ourselves.

  6. I don’t get a lot of adult interaction unless it’s a blogger event. So sad! I need to find a reason to get out and be among other people, however most don’t want to be around my three littles.

  7. I work from home, but we do a lot of Google Hangouts at my job. I appreciate those and get so excited to see other adults! LOL! I did decide to start going to Starbucks to work a couple times per week just for a change, and to make sure I don’t turn into a complete hermit!

  8. I work from home and look forward to networking with the women in my direct sales business every Wednesday. We meet up at St Louis Bread Company, bounce ideas off each other and have a good time. I’ve even introduced them to the world of blogging. They are older than me (I’m 50) and don’t know much about it. We had a good time today. I also gonna plan another outing by myself so I can people watch and write. I love to do that.

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