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A Good Attitude Makes Work and Home Problems Seem Better

Even though it is hard, it is fantastic to have work and home obligations.  Women who work have professional obligations that must be met on a regular basis. At the same time, any woman with a family has obligations to her family that must be met on a daily basis. For some people, attempting to balance these obligations is overwhelming.  For me, the solution to these competing obligations is getting dressed before I get out of bed.

fantastic Friday, home, work, balance, good attitude, right mental attitude, suck it up, misery loves company
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By that I mean, put on your big girl panties and your fake it until you make it dress and get a good attitude about it all. Think about things realistically, no matter how much you complain, pout and hate the situation is not going to disappear on its own. Additionally, while everyone has heard the expression “misery loves company,” no one wants to be that company.

No matter how bad things get, you have to find a way to suck up the bad feelings and find a way to get the right mental attitude. This is crucial and necessary even if everything is going horribly wrong. For example, let’s say you are at work and everything is going wrong:

  • You just lost a major customer
  • Your computer hard drive crashed with all your information, not backed up to the cloud
  • Your purse got snatched in the parking lot on the way home
  • Your youngest child suspended from school for misbehaving

Everyone has had a bad day, maybe these things didn’t happen, but every person has had a day of their own with similar levels of major problems. It is not possible to choose when a horrible day will occur. You do not get to pick when things will fall apart at home and at work at the same time.  When these days happen, and they will, you get to choose how you will handle the day.

The following are a few tips to dealing with a bad day with a smile:

  • Give yourself a short period of time, one minute or less to cry, panic, yell or pout about the situation then force yourself to move on with life, do not wallow in the problem
  • Figure out what is the best and worse outcome for the situation, once you know this, you are prepared for  the fallout from the problem
  • Start saying out loud, even if only to yourself that you will get through this, the bad day will not ruin you, you will survive and even prosper after this
  • Smile
  • Quickly develop a plan to deal with the issues you are facing,  you must move, do not just sit
  • Put into action your plan and make adjustments to it as necessary


fantastic Friday, home, work, balance, good attitude, right mental attitude, suck it up, misery loves company
Photo Credit: Janeane Davis, Fantastic Friday, home and work obligations, good attitude

Surviving the worst day of your life is possible. There are people all around you every day who are dealing with major problems at work and at home with dignity and grace. These are people who realize that even when things are horrible, and everything has gone wrong, a good attitude really can make things better. So, the question for you this fantastic day is what is your secret for surviving a horrible day at home and at work?


3 thoughts on “A Good Attitude Makes Work and Home Problems Seem Better”
  1. Turn your thoughts around asap …think of everything that is going right and remember that it is all temporary. Music helps and smiling for 32 second intervals also help

  2. Sigh!
    Growing up, work was always a thing my people came home and complained about. Bitterly and for hours and I really thought that was what work was all about. Not I know that it can be so much more and I am careful with how I allow a bad moment affect my feelings.

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