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Looking for a Job – Go For Your Dream Job

African American woman looking at a book while holding a pen and the words "Looking for a Job - Go For Your Dream Job"

It is a great thing to go for your dream job. While you are searching for your dream job, feel free to take a right-now job. After all, you need to eat and pay expenses while you are waiting for the dream job to show up.

It is wonderful to keep your dream job in mind when searching for a job. Every person who works for a living, whether a 9 to 5 employee, a freelancer, or an entrepreneur has a dream job in mind. A dream job is a job that offers the right pay, benefits, and working conditions. We all want dream jobs, dream clients, and dream circumstances. The reality is that many of us have to take the right now jobs while we are waiting for the dream job to show up. This means we must do a good job and appreciate the right now jobs we have while we prepare for our dream jobs.

 In a dream world, I would be able to work as a consultant from 10 to 2 each day with two clients who each paid me $1,000,000 per year and would have the remainder of the day to devote to writing, and taking care of my family. Today I do not have that dream job. I typically work from 8:30 am to 3:00 pm and then from 7 pm to 11 pm. I have several consulting clients who pay me far less than $1,000,000 a year and I scramble to find time for writing and taking care of my family.  This is reality; the world in which I live. I have a choice, I can complain and be sad that I am not living the dream or I can do the best job possible with what I have and prepare to handle the dream job situation when it arrives. I have chosen to live the life I have and be happy about it all as I prepare for my dream future.
Look at your job, your freelance work or your business, whatever it is that you do to make a living. Look for ways to be satisfied, for pieces of joy, for moments of happiness. Enjoy the work situation you have. At the same time, keep your mind on your mission and your mission on your mind while you make preparations for that dream situation. Get your skill set up to where it needs to be in order to handle the dream job of the future. Put your attitude in check so that you can handle the new responsibilities, obligations, and perks that come with the dream job. Use the time you have while working your right now job to prepare your library, office supplies, and technology for the dream job.

Most of all be happy. The right now job, by definition, is not your dream job. However, it is a job that is paying your bills, making it possible for you to dream of something better. Do your best work and give good and honest efforts at the right now job. This is important because excellence is a habit that you need to develop and use on the dream job. The people you are working with now, may be people you work with on the dream job or may be in a position to refer work to you when you work as a freelancer or an entrepreneur. Your behavior, work habits, and reputation while working the right now job will follow you to the dream job so, strive for excellence while preparing for the future.


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In conclusion, it is wonderful to keep your dream job in mind when searching for a job. So, the question for you on this wonderful day is, what is your dream job?