• Sat. Nov 25th, 2023

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Go Touch It


It is terrific to take the mystery out of technology by going to the store and touching it.

Advertisements on television, the internet and in print media show us all kinds of new and exciting technology and devices on a regular basis. In addition, by doing research on almost any search engine or store website, we see photos and descriptions of all kinds of technology. The photos, videos, and descriptions make the devices look quite wonderful and exciting. I have seen commercial for pieces of technology that made me literally drool with desire. These advertisements, no matter how beautiful, detailed and vibrant are all missing something. I am still left with a desire to reach out and touch, feel and hold the device.

No matter how much we like to shop online, and increasingly, more and more of us do, there is nothing like going into a store, picking something up, and feeling it.If you are interested in a new device, a new piece of technology but are a little nervous or even afraid of the device, one thing you should do is go into a store and actually touch the device. If you want a new tablet device, great. Put down your laptop, smartphone or store circular and go to an actual brick and mortar store and pick it up, touch it and try it out. When you go into the store and touch the technology and hold the device in your hand, you understand what it weighs, how it feels and if it will fit in your purse, pocket or briefcase. By putting the device in your hand, by seeing how it fits into your purse, you get a real sense of how the device will fit into your life.

Think about it this way, you want a new camera. You want a lot of features and you want something you can carry in your bag and pull out with ease. By going into the store, picking up the camera, holding it up to your eyes and seeing how it fits into your actual purse, you have a better sense of which model of camera will work in your life. After all, if it is too bulky, you won’t carry it. If it is too flimsy it will get damaged under real-life conditions. There is just nothing like picking it up and trying it out. It is also nice to have store personnel you can look in the eye and ask questions and get answers in real-time. So the next time you want to buy or are curious about a new device or new piece of technology, go to the store, pick it up and try it out. Who knows, you may just get over your fear and come home from the store with something delightful!

In conclusion, it is terrific to take the mystery out of technology by going to the store and touching it. So, the question for you this terrific day is, what piece of technology are you going to go to a store and touch?