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Get Your Emotional Health Set Each Morning

One of the best things you can do for yourself is get your emotional health set each morning. I believe you don’t simply get ready, you stay ready. In this context, it means to take time to do what you need to do so you will be emotionally prepared for the day. 


It is magnificent to take time first thing in the morning to get your emotional health in order. Most often, when people talk about health, they speak of physical health. They talk about losing weight, getting into shape, and eating the right foods. People rarely refer to their emotional health when they talk about getting healthy. That is a shame because emotional health is important in its own right and it often has an impact on physical health.


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Take Action Now to Improve Your Emotional Health


Emotional health is commonly defined as the degree to which one feels emotionally secure and at ease in everyday life. An emotionally healthy person has a good amount of self-esteem, reacts without panic, and is able to appropriately react to life’s happenings. Good emotional health is just as important as good physical health. Additionally, a person can have good emotional health even when physical health is poor.

I am an advocate for getting dressed before one gets out of bed in the morning. By this, I mean that before one gets out of bed in the morning, she should spend time, thinking, planning, and getting herself ready to face the world and the challenges to come that day. The morning is a good time to take stock of one’s emotional health. Before you get out of bed, take time and do some personal inventory:

  • are there ongoing issues that cause you stress and aggravation
  • is there a person who is making you feel ill at ease and upset in some way
  • do you feel apprehensive and do not know why
  • are you dreading the start of the day

If you have concerns like these or similar ones, take time and pay attention to your emotional health. Do not ignore these fears and concerns. Your emotional health is important and should be given the same serious attention you give your physical health. There are professionals who help with emotional health. If you notice your emotional health is not what is should be, seek out professional help. If your friends and family members tell you on a regular basis that you have problems in the area of emotional health, don’t treat it as a joke, check in with a professional.    

Sometimes You Need Professional Help


People think nothing of seeking out professional help if they think they may have diabetes, high blood pressure, or a sprained ankle. It will be a wonderful day when we treat our emotional health with the same seriousness and regular concern. I have a routine that works for me and helps me start off the morning well and keeps me emotionally healthier during the day:  

  • pray
  • read the bible
  • speak positive affirmations to myself
    • I am a child of God
    • I am Janeane Michelle James Davis and I love me
    • Today will be magnificent
    • I control my life
    • My outcome is determined by the choices I make and the reactions I display

This is the routine that starts me off on good footing and helps me leave the bed with a smile. I encourage you to get your own happy, healthy morning routine. In conclusion, it is magnificent to get your emotional health in order first thing in the morning. So, the question for you on this magnificent day is how do you get your emotional health in order each morning?



9 thoughts on “Get Your Emotional Health Set Each Morning”
  1. “get dressed before getting out of bed” << yep, it's what i do! I first give gratitude for seeing another day, plan out my day in my head, do a bit of meditation (using an app on my phone) – all before rolling out the bed. 🙂 It really does help to start the day off right.

  2. I pray & listen to a sermon in the morning, but will start the positive affirmations. I sometimes feel overwhelmed, like there’s not enough time in the day to accomplish what I want to do! But when I focus on God, I realize all things are possible through Christ and that I can cast my cares on him. He has this!

  3. I need a routine! I get up and rush right into the morning. It probably doesn’t help that my alarm clock is the cries of my 8 month old. If I was more disciplined, I could get up before the kids but I am just not a morning person!

  4. My morning routine before I get out of bed is lots and lots of cuddles and giggles with my 2 little ones. It’s a guaranteed way to start your day off right!

  5. Good for you for having a routine. I truly believe that it makes all the difference!

  6. I do the same thing every morning — when I wake up, I lay there and assess what’s going on for the day, what’s going on with me, and how I can banish any negative issues before my feet even hit the floor. It makes for a much better day when mommy doesn’t get up grumpy and distracted by other things and can focus on the family.

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