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Forget the Laptop, Let the Tablet Do It

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Computer tablet technology makes it easier to work smarter instead of merely harder. If your work requires that you work inside and outside the office, consider getting a tablet device. The super-computing power, cloud technology, and lightweight size, make tablet devices indispensable business tools.

If you buy the right tablet, it is almost as powerful as your computer or laptop, so why are you lugging that heavy laptop around?

I first fell for mobile computing power years ago when I purchased my first Palm Pilot to help run my law office. It was a small hand-held personal digital assistant also known as a PDA. It was incredible. I used it to write legal briefs, to complete bankruptcy forms, to manage my to-do list and keep my calendar. I was able to prepare my arguments for a murder trial using my PDA. As the years passed, I traded in my Palm Pilot for a variety of other PDAs and then tablet devices.

Tablet devices are between a smartphone and a laptop in size and weight. While smart-phones are powerful and can do many of the functions of a laptop device, it is very hard to work long-term on such a small device. Laptops of course, are major powerhouse machines, but if you are running around from location to location and want to start working at a coffee-house between appointments a tablet device is great. Tablet devices can fit easily many purses, tote bags and of course, your briefcase.

When you show up at a meeting and want to take notes electronically, a laptop takes up a lot of table space, and the battery life is normal 3 to 5 hours. A tablet device on the other hand takes up only about as much space as a piece of paper or magazine. Tablet batteries typically last 6 to 8 hours. This means you can work longer without being attached to a power source. Additionally, many tablets can be powered up with an extra power charger like one that is used for a smartphone. This means the battery life of your tablet can be extended and you have even more freedom to work as long as you need to.

So, the next time you want to head to the local coffee-house to get some things done or you want to do some work at the local playground while your kids play, leave the laptop at home and pick up your tablet device.

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7 thoughts on “Forget the Laptop, Let the Tablet Do It”
  1. My son stole my tablet. I really need to look into getting one for myself!

  2. I love my small laptop – it is an HP and it is perfect. I have never been a tablet user.

  3. I am definitely looking to get a great tablet. I travel some and would much prefer the portability and flexibility of the tablet.

  4. It is really heavy dragging my mac book pro when I travel. I would love a more light weight one that I could do the same things.

  5. I LOVE my tablet and actually prefer to travel with it over my laptop. It’s got everything I need and fits in my purse, so I pretty much can’t live without it.

  6. My daughter has a tablet and really loves it. She can easily take it wherever she goes. I have a MacBook and it is so heavy and hard to travel with. I wish I would have read something like this earlier.

  7. See I want a tablet so I can work while sitting in doctor offices waiting on treatment. I keep looking at the surface pro but not sure it’s right for me.

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