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Find Inspiration to Take Action Now During Hard Times

If you want to succeed, you must find inspiration to take action now during hard times. LIfe is not always easy, so you must find a way to get things done when things are not going your way.

It is magnificent to find a way to take action now and get things done when inspiration is far away. We do some things because we have to do them, whether we want to or not. There are other things that we can only do if we have been inspired to do them. When we are inspired to do a task, some amazing results can be produced. However, there are times when inspiration is so far away, it might as well be on another planet. When inspiration is needed but is nowhere to be found, you must find a way to suck it up, pull something out of your hat, and get things done.

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Inspiration is commonly defined as being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. A great many of the tasks we do, we feel we must be inspired to do. For example, if you have a writing assignment for school, a proposal for a client, a knitted project, a contracting design or a landscape layout to do, you may feel that you must be inspired in order to get it done. With projects like these, the results that we achieve from inspire creativity are often amazing.

At the same time, we cannot always wait for inspiration to amble by in order to get the job done. When you have a job that must be done and inspiration is not rearing its head, just do the job.  If the mental stimulation to do or feel something is not present, do it because it is necessary. Do it because you have given your word. Do it because you have a contract. Do it because you need the paycheck. There are a number of reasons you can find to force you to do it, the bottom line is that inspired or not, in the mood or not, you must get the job done because the job needs to be done.

One of the rights of passage that most people experience is having to go to work when they do not feel like it. Another common right of passage is going to family affairs with in-laws that one really does not want to attend. Yet another common right of passage is playing a game with a child when you would much rather take a nap or read the newspaper. A person must do what needs to be done in all these things even when one does not feel like it.


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This is the same attitude that you must bring to the tasks that usually require inspiration when inspiration is not present. After all, most professors will not give a passing grade to students who claim they could not complete an assignment because “inspiration did not stop by.” Similarly, clients are not going to be satisfied with you not getting proposals done in a timely manner simply because you “just weren’t inspired.”

So when you have a job to do and cannot find the inspiration to get the job done:

  • show up like a grown up and just do the work
  • start working, start completing the task, a step at a time
  • pick a reward you will give yourself after you have completed the task
  • take a break, read a book, take a nap, do something different for a few minutes then get back to work

In all things remember, that inspired or not if you have a job to do, you must get the job done. You cannot be successful in life if you can only work when inspiration strikes. You must learn to work when the work needs to be done. In conclusion, it is magnificent to know that you can get inspired even if inspiration is hard to find. So, the question for you on this magnificent day is how do you force inspiration to appear?

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  1. Yes, perspiration is the mother of inspiration.

  2. Exactly! I will be copying that line, “When inspiration is lacking … dedication and determination have to fill that gap” when I talk to people!

  3. When inspiration is lacking … dedication and determination have to fill that gap! There are some things that have to get done whether I feel like it or not! =)

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