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Fall in Love with Your Job Because Paychecks are Nice

It is wonderful to learn to love your job because getting a paycheck is a nice thing.

Each workday, people all over America wake up, shower, dress and go off to work. Many of those people are not happy about having to go to work each day. Some of them even curse the fact that they must go to work. I am proposing that instead of hate, those people start looking at their jobs with a loving attitude.  Think about it. When a person is in love, the person is kind, considerate and speaks with a kind voice. When a person is in love, she does not insult the object of her love. A woman in love protects the reputation of the object of her affection. In return, she expects to be rewarded with love, loyalty and affection.
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So tomorrow, try looking at your job with an attitude of love. When you get up in the morning, think about your job with a smile. If your job is truly horrid and there is no way you can fake a smile, get dressed before you get out of bed. That means, put on your big girl panties and your fake it until you make it dress and smile anyway. If the job itself doesn’t make you smile, the fact that you will be getting a paycheck at the end of the pay period should  turn your frown upside down.
Here are a few relationship ideas you can use to show that loving feeling at work:
  • speak kindly when talking about your job
  • dress up and look your best for work
  • do not engage in idle gossip about your job
  • act as if you are happy to get your paycheck
  • thank your co-workers for nice things they do for you



Photo credit: Janeane Davis, wonderful Wednesday
Photo credit: Janeane Davis, wonderful Wednesday
Just as no one likes a woman who has a good husband that bad mouths and cheats on her husband, no one likes a person with a good job who acts like a fool at work. Do not cheat on your job – give your job all the hours, attention and devotion you promised when you got hired. Do not disrespect your job – be courteous to those you work with and your customers. If you are not happy with your job, move on to another. In the meantime, learn to love your job because getting a paycheck is indeed a nice thing. So, the question for you this wonderful day is what do you do to show you are happy your job gives you a paycheck?
17 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Your Job Because Paychecks are Nice”
  1. I do not always love going to work. I have had 2 horrible jobs and I did move on. I try to remind myself that my current job is not horrible because I know what horrible is. I also try to do my best at work. Not so much for the sake of the job but because I don’t want my name associated with anything crappy.

  2. Your job now is harder and more important! You still get a paycheck, it is just different currency. So you still have to be grateful for your work!

  3. My kids are my job (and blogging and sewing are secondary) so I’m pretty much set, but boy could I have used this seven years ago! Great wake up call for all of us!

  4. I am glad your “real” job is giving you satisfaction and that you have techniques to make things well with your “other” job!

  5. Christine you had the right attitude. If you cannot fake it and you cannot stand it move! I am glad you were able to find happiness instead of staying in a hostile environment! You learned a good lesson.

  6. Now that blogging and writing is my “real” job, I have no problems loving it! Ha! Seriously, I wake up every morning excited to get started. And when it comes to my military obligations, I tend to do the same, even though the job can be a pain sometimes. I get to do some very fun things as my “jobs” and get paid for it. A true blessing, indeed.

  7. When I was working in a very hostile environment, it became almost impossible to do any of these things. So I did exactly what you said and I left. I realized that it was a problem that I had nothing nice to say, feel or think at that particular time. But I am still grateful to this day that I got the experience there that I did.

  8. Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you liked the tips. I like your idea of a smile being the best accessory. I think I will try to wear mine more often.

  9. Janeane, those 5 tips are so simple, thank you for the reminder – sometimes we forget our manners and treat our job like the enemy.

    Something as basic as dressing up for work can change your attitude & change Others attitude towards you. It’s not the outfit they are admiring, it’s the confidence you exude from ‘looking good is feeling good’.

    The past few weeks I’ve been working on avoiding the negative vibes in the office – I won’t let them in my door and I’m much more relaxed, which actually allows me to SMILE! Which as we all know is the best accessory one can wear.

    Cheers & thanks for this pep talk!

  10. Let me know how that works out for you. I think that over time, our co-workers will act better towards us if we make them think they are valued and appreciated.

  11. Well I don’t do much for my coworkers, I think I will in the next week. Working where I am was definitely as blessing in disguise && my coworkers are really appreciated so I will show them that they are!

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