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Entertain with Technology

It is terrific to find ways to use existing technology for entertainment.

Like many people who read this blog, I am a technology nut. I have the cell phone, the Kindle tablet, the Kindle reader, the laptop and a bunch of other gadgets. I really like  my gadgets and do not plan to give them up. What I enjoy more than just having gadgets is getting the most entertainment I can out of them.

Take my notebook computer for example. I use it to write my blog, run my business and to look for more business. When I purchased my computer I made sure it had a few features that I would be able to use for fun, including the following:
  • camera (web camera with video capability)
  • microphone
  • good speakers
  • big screen
  • lots of memory
  • built-in games
This means I can use my computer for making silly videos with my kids and taking photos. The microphone makes it easy to record whatever it is I want to say, sing or record for posterity. The microphone also makes it easy to use Skype, Google+  Hangout and other social media avenues. Netflix is such an inexpensive entertainment source and the big screen makes it easy for me to enjoy movies while working or relaxing. Another feature I like is the chess game that came with the computer so I can practice my game. I am hoping to be able to beat my ten-year old son one day.There is no substitute for a lot of computer memory except for maybe more computer memory.
photo credit: flyzor via photopin cc
photo credit: flyzor via photopin cc
My Kindle 3G  is one of the older ones that has unlimited 3G internet access for life. While the screen is black and white only, it is nice to have access to the internet so that I can check Facebook, Twitter and other social media when I take a break from reading. I also enjoy having music play while I read. I have several games installed on my e-reader including Scrabble and chess. Did I mention I want to beat my ten-year old son at chess?  My Kindle Fire tablet is set up to work as a mini laptop that I use for work. However I have games, movies, videos, music and all kinds of things to provide entertainment for me and a few things to entertain the kids in an emergency.


Almost everyone uses the cell phone for more than just telephone calls. Most are internet ready, play music, hold ebooks, videos and photographs. How many people have ignored telephone calls because of an exciting word game with friends?
Use your technology to make the things you need to do for work and home easier and smoother. But please do not forget to add some entertaining features  to make your technology more entertaining. So the question for you this terrific day is what is your favorite way of using technology to entertain?
9 thoughts on “Entertain with Technology”
  1. Google+ hangout is a free video meeting service with Google+. It can be recorded and saved to YouTube. My blogging group Pushing Lovely has Google+ Hangouts twice per month to teach members all kinds of things like SEO, editorial calendars and other such things. It is interactive and it is nice to be able to see each other talk. It is limited to ten people and it is a free service.

  2. This motivates me to use more of the applications on my Mac Book. I generally use the Internet and Microsoft Word–which I think I had to install! I need to take advantage of the video and photo software. What’s Google+ Hangout? Not down with that one yet!

  3. With the Kindle Fire, if anything goes wrong, they will ship you a new one in two days and then you can return the old one for free. Last week on Monday I noticed my year old one did not have the battery life I wanted They told me a new one would be at my house on Wednesday, but it arrived on Tuesday!

  4. I like to play games on my phone and google silly things that pop in my head like the origins of the song pop goes the weasel.

  5. I have heard some wonderful things about that phone! I want to get a new phone over the next month and I have been looking at Samsung Galaxy phones. You are pushing me over the edge.

  6. I have JUST discovered the new Vine app for iPhone and I am in love with it! It is fun, makes me feel creative and it is my new toy. I have a Nook that I have been getting to know again. It’s making reading in a different format fun.

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