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Drawing Inspiration to Give Great Customer Service

go big for customer service


There comes a time in every entrepreneur’s life that she begins drawing inspiration to take action now and find a way to provide good customer service. By drawing inspiration from creative places entrepreneurs can find ways to give great customer service and get great customers in return.

When it comes to satisfying customers – go big, period.

I know everyone has heard the expression, “go big or go home.” But I don’t believe in or options. For me, the expression is, “go big, period.” When it comes to satisfying your customers, you must go big. No matter what business you are in, the goal should be to exceed customer expectations, not to merely meet them. No matter what your business, do excellent work for your customers.

It is important to realize that customer service does not start when you get your first customer. Indeed, you must think about how to provide excellent customer service before you open your business for the first time. When you are developing your business plan and developing strategies for pricing, location and suppliers, be careful to create a plan for satisfying customers as well. Your customers should never be seen as an afterthought, nuisance or interference. After all, it is customers who purchase your goods and services. Customers who bring income to your business. Customers determine if you operate at a profit or a loss. When it comes to satisfying them, go big.

It is not enough to compete merely by price. After all, if all you have to offer your customers is a low price, you will be put out of business by a competitor with a larger pocket who can operate at a loss long enough to put you out of business. When it comes to satisfying customers, think of things you can do that do not needlessly diminish your profit. There are many things you can do to provide service that will please your customers. Think about the following:

  • would you customers like the convenience of you opening an hour earlier or staying open an hour later
  • do your customers desire the ability to speak with you via email
  • will social media channels enable your customers to get to know you better
  • are you able to allow customers to make request know online after traditional office hours
  • will open house opportunities meet customer needs


All of the ideas listed above enable you to provide quality customer service without lowering the prices offered for your products and services. It doesn’t matter if your business is a retail store, nail salon or doctor’s office. Customers appreciate good service and indeed customers are often willing to pay more money for good service. Do not be afraid to go big and offer excellent custom service to you clients in order to win their favor, support and continued business.

When I worked as an attorney, I worked hard  and I worked smart in order to help my clients get the results they desired. It was not enough just to win the case. I wanted them to feel good about their involvement in the legal process. I made sure to speak to them in English and not legalese. I worked hard to make sure they felt as if their fight were my own and that I was devoting all my energies and power towards achieving the results they desired.

In my work as a business consultant ,I continued the pattern of finding ways to exceed client expectations. For some of my clients, that meant surprising them with an extra service package. For other clients, it meant providing e-books and multimedia presentations instead or mere Word documents. It meant connecting clients with others who can help meet their needs even if those others were my direct competitors.


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  1. Great info. I actually just posted a very similar article on my blog about how just meeting expectations isn’t enough. Customers need to be surprised and wowed to make you memorable, and this is especially important for me.

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