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Inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving. From time to time, every entrepreneur needs to find inspiration to push forward and do what needs doing. When you need to have your inspiration refreshed, come to the articles in this category for the inspiration you need to succeed.  If you want to succeed, don’t get ready, stay ready. In other words, keep these articles close at hand so your cup of inspiration can be refreshed whenever you need it to be.

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  • Week Ended 12/18/21 The Week In Review

Week Ended 12/18/21 The Week In Review

Week in review - this week, here in our online magazine, we started by talking about teaching our children to be friends to themselves. We ended the week talking about…

Miracle Morning: Establish and Appreciate Your Routine

This miracle morning I encourage you to establish and appreciate your routine so that you can be great.

Miracle Morning: One Girl’s Trash is Another Girl’s Treasure

On today's Miracle Morning walk, I was reminded of the old expression, "one girl's trash is another girl's treasure." We have the power to define treasures for ourselves.