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Inspiration is a gift that keeps on giving. From time to time, every entrepreneur needs to find inspiration to push forward and do what needs doing. When you need to have your inspiration refreshed, come to the articles in this category for the inspiration you need to succeed.  If you want to succeed, don’t get ready, stay ready. In other words, keep these articles close at hand so your cup of inspiration can be refreshed whenever you need it to be.

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  • Unexpected Kindness from a Friend

Unexpected Kindness from a Friend

On many occasions, I have been blessed to receive an unexpected kindness from a friend is a wonderful thing! If you have never done an unexpected kindness for someone, let…

Customer Service Should Always Be a Priority for Your Business

Customer service must be a primary consideration for your business. Customer service is the way you show love and appreciation for your customers. Start your business with customer service in…

Learn Better Ways to Find a Job – Industry Publications

It is wonderful to learn better ways to do a job search such as reading industry publications. Each day people across the country look for jobs. Some of these job…

Don’t Ice Skate Uphill Make Steady Steps to Your Destination

You have to stop trying to ice skate uphill because it is a crazy thing to do. Instead, find a way to work smart and slide downhill into your destination.

You Have the Power to Think Things Into Existence

Our minds have unlimited and unimaginable power that we can use to think into existence the worlds we want. I have heard it said that human beings only use ten percent…

Take Your Children to Work So They Understand What You Do

If you are an entrepreneur, it may be a good idea to take your children to work from time to time. Most people work because they need the money. Often…

New Idea – Be Grateful for Work

Here is a new idea for some people, be grateful for work. Even if you hate your job and are on the way out, be grateful. It is a good…

Just Like That 2022 Becomes 2023

At this very moment, 2022 has become 2023 and people all around the are saying "Happy New Year." People are reflecting on 2022 and planning great and wonderful things for…

Embrace Technology and What it Can Do

Revise and Republish Embrace Technology and What it Can Do

How to Improve Your Work Habits

An important step in improving your work habits is working with a good attitude.