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Learn Better Ways to Find a Job – Industry Publications

It is wonderful to learn better ways to do a job search such as reading industry publications. Each day people across the country look for jobs. Some of these job seekers are traditional 9 to 5 employees. Other job seekers are freelancers and others are entrepreneurs looking for new clients. No matter what category you fall into, your job search will be more successful when you read industry publications.

Learn Better Ways to Find a Job - Industry Publications

No matter what industry you are involved in, there are publications to help you keep up with the trends, updates, and players in that industry. Some publications are popular and known by people even outside the industry. Other publications are known only to those in the industry because they appeal to a small niche of the population. Some examples of industry-specific publications include the following:

* The ABA Journal for lawyers
* The Scottsman’s Guide for mortgage brokers
* The Journal of the American Mathematic Society for mathematicians

There are a number of ways to find publications specific to your industry including the following:

* Conduct an internet search
* Ask friends and family members employed in the industry
* Contact an employment agency and ask what publications are relevant for your industry
* Speak with a librarian for assistance in finding an industry-specific publication
* Talk with retailers at your local bookstore to ask for their recommendations

No matter what source you use to find an industry-specific publication, find at least one and start reading it on a regular basis. Industry publications are a great source of information. Often when people are out of work, they lose touch with what is going on in the industry. Reading industry-specific publications help you to keep current with things going on in the industry as well as what the future of the industry may be. This information is helpful in job interviews because it shows potential employers that you care enough about the industry and your place in it to keep up with things while you are out of work. When you are out of work or working outside your chosen industry, it is easy to forget important parts of your industry. During those times, it is easy to lose track of industry conferences, important dates, new regulations, and key players. By keeping up with industry publications even when out of work you maintain contact with your chosen industry and it is easier for you to get back to work in the industry.

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Additionally, employers often list potential jobs both in-house and freelance in industry publications. These are job openings you can apply to fill. Keep in mind that even if the jobs listed in the classified sections of the industry publications you read are not a good fit for you, they are good for other purposes. For example, you may learn about a new type of position you can look for with companies in your area. Another interesting thing that can happen when you read industry publications is that you may learn words, tasks, and positions that may be useful to you in revising your resume during job searches.

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In conclusion, it is wonderful to learn better ways to find better ways to do a job search such as reading industry publications. So, the question for you this wonderful day is, have you been reading industry publications to keep up with your industry while you are looking for work?

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  1. I like the Writer’s Market as well I subscribe to a few writing magazines to help with my writing career.

  2. As a freelance writer, I buy the Writer’s Market – it is put out on an annual basis and an excellent source for job leads, and how to get published within a wide range of industries. I love the layout of the book – easy and quick to find the information that you need.

  3. This is a great point. Thanks for sharing. I think we all forget the fact that there are publications that can keep you in the know while searching for a job.

  4. I think this is something SO overlooked, especially in the freelance writing world. You’d be shocked how many magazines there are (especially of the emag variety) that help with finding steady contributing work.

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