• Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

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Give Yourself Permission to Take a Bubble Bath

It is always a good day to give yourself permission to do something that warms your heart and makes you smile. Today is a good day to do something a little special.

African American woman in a bubble bath and the words "Give Yourself Permission to Take a Bubble Bath"

What was the last thing you gave yourself permission to do?

Today I am thrilled because I am giving myself permission to take a bubble bath.   For the past several weeks, I have decided to give myself permission to do something. So far I have taken a break from my children and started to follow a dream. This week, I am going crazy. I am going to take a bubble bath.

Now, this is not going to be one of those just get washed and get clean things. I am talking about one of those events where I light a bunch of scented candles, fill the tub with HOT water, drop in bath salts and add ridiculous amounts of wonderful smelling bubble bath. I am bringing in a book and when the water starts to get cold, I am adding more hot water. Next, I am locking the door and absent the house actually burning to the ground I am not leaving the tub and my bubbles for two and one-half hours.

Something that is a big deal to you, may be nothing to somewone else and that is okay.

Some people will read this and say, “So what, you are going to take a bubble bath.” I am willing to bet everyone who responds that way does not have children at home on a full-time basis. The mothers among you who have children banging on the door while you use the toilet appreciate the notion of a luxurious bubble bath.

About two years ago I took out a pen and paper and started keeping track of how often my family members asked me for something. After three hours, the five  3×5 cards I was using were full. Guess what I discovered? You will not be able to guess so I will tell you. Every two minutes someone asked me for something. Yes, every two minutes. If you ever wanted to know why I am crazy, now you know. 

For this wife and mother of four, a two and one half hour bubble bath on a week night for no reason is a luxury beyond compare.  Today, I am giving myself permission to luxuriate in bubbles. Calgon take me away. So, the question for you this thrilling day is what luxurious thing are you going to give yourself permission to do?

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