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Spring Into Reading a Classic Book – Sherlock Holmes

It is sensational to read a classic book and enjoy the words, phrases, and descriptions of another time.  There are some books that are written, read, and then pass from history, never to be seen again. There are some books that are written and read again and again for years and years. The books in the latter category are what come to be known as classics.

Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is widely considered a classic book. I recommend it highly. I first discovered Sherlock Holmes as a child. Then, I was impressed with the riddles and enjoyed trying to solve the mysteries. Recently, when I read the book as an adult, I enjoyed new and different things. The vocabulary in the book was incredible. Doyle used a wonderful assortment of words. The words and phrasing tickled my brain. I felt as if the person who wrote the words was intelligent and expected me, the reader to be intelligent as well. I felt complimented as I read the words.  Additionally, when I read Sherlock Holmes as an adult I looked at the characters. I looked carefully at character development. I read the descriptions of Holmes and Watson and was liked the character development, learning about what made each man.


Interestingly, even looking at the mysteries was a new and different experience as an adult.

I was able to think about the villains and appreciate the fact that they were not born bad and not bad only. Even villains have complexity, character, and deep inner thoughts that make them more than they seem. Perhaps that is one of the marks of adulthood, being able to look at things and see more than what is on the surface. Here is a challenge, take out a copy of The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and read about “The Woman,” Professor Moriarty, and the other villains. Look deeper, not only at what they do, but how they do it, why they do it, and what they say as they do it. Afterward how reading with the new perspective affects your enjoyment of the stories you read.


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I enjoy reading classic books because I enjoy the rich and varied vocabulary I often find. It is indeed sensational to read an old classic story with new eyes. So the question for you this terrific day is, what classic story from your younger days would you like to check out again as an adult?

2 thoughts on “Spring Into Reading a Classic Book – Sherlock Holmes”
  1. I agree with your statement that there never sems to be enough time to read for pleasure, for the joy of it. I recently rearranged my schedule to squeeze in 30 pleasurable minutes at the start of each day. I hope I am able to keep up with the schedule.

  2. I love Mr. Holmes and Watson and most mysteries. I read many as a child too and I have the entire collection of Agatha Christie. I should have a collection of Sir Doyle too, but I am not sure. I may just take up your challenge to reread a story or chapter in a book. As an entrepreneur there never seems enough time to read for pleasure. I think I will take a moment early this afternoon. Thanks Janeane. Words are our friends! LOL

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