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Black History Month- Langston Hughes – Blue Monday

The poem of the day for today’s Black History Month Langston Hughes celebration is “Blue Monday.” During February each year, people all across the United States celebrate Black History Month. Things are no different here at Janeane’s World. This month I am copying an idea I got from my friend Pammy Pam over at An Unconventional Librarian and I am devoting the entire month to the poems of my favorite author and poet, Langston Hughes. I will share a poem a day for the entire month.

You may ask what place does poetry or celebrations of Black History month have in this blog that was created to encourage, inspire and motivate women to be their best at work and home. I would answer that I am an African-American woman so black history is my history and when you understand and appreciate it, you come closer to understanding and appreciating me. I would also answer that poetry, like all forms of artistic expression fuels our passions, gives us hope makes us think and makes our lives richer and better.

Blue Monday

No use in my going
Downtown to work today,
It’s eight,
I’m late-
And it’s marked down that-a-way,

Fun to sport around.
But no use denying-
Monday’ll get you down.

That old blue Monday
Will surely get you down.

Here is a video of my interpretation and thoughts on Blue Monday. If you feel adventuresome, get out your camera, smartphone or tablet and make a video of your own! Send it to me at janeanedavis@janeanesworld.com .


 This is another of Langston Hughes’ poem that speaks to a wide variety of people. So often, people get up on Monday morning and see the end of the weekend. Monday gets a bad rap and people dread the arrival of Monday morning. Imagine what would happen if instead people looked at Monday as the start of the new week, as a chance to make the world what you would like it to be. The next time a Monday morning arrives, greet it with a smile and an expectation that good things will be happening throughout the entire day.

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Often it is the case that our attitude determines our altitude. In other words, how you look at the world determines what happens to you and for you. You must keep in mind the fact that your words have power. You can make your world what you want it to be. So, if you want Mondays to be happy, successful and full of good things get the right attitude and put in the work to make it happen. If you would like to read more inspirational posts, about doing things better, check out the following.

dream variations www.janeanesworld.com Take Action Now – It’s Your Dream – Make It Happen

It is magnificent to take action now and realize it is your dream and you can make it happen. One of my favorite and best things to do is TAN. What is TAN? TAN means to Take Action Now, to start doing what needs to be done. When you take action now you leave the world of “what if” and enter the world of “yes, I am doing this.” The world is full of reasons to sit back and wait, to put off until tomorrow. That is a fact everyone seems to know very well. The world is full of excuses. You know, the excuses that keep you from accomplishing your dreams. [Read More . . . ]  



dream variations www.janeanesworld.com

Take Action Now to Follow A Dream

Take a moment now to look at your life, think about your dreams. How are you treating your dream, what are you doing with them? What has been your history when dealing with your dreams. Has your habit been to sit back and treat your dreams as precious untouchable things that sit in the china closet of your mind? Or, are you a person who tends to take action now and to treats your dreams as things that must be used, worked and acted upon? There are no right or wrong answers to these questions. No matter what your answer is, answer honestly. Once you have asked the question and answered honestly, you will know your place in the universe. [Read More . . . ]  


If you want to get some Langston Hughes books of your own, check out the following. Please note, these are affiliate links which means I may earn income if you purchase one of these books.  


1. This is the book I keep on my desk in my office. It is worn out and the edges are frayed because I use it so much. It was a gift from my husband which makes it a special treasure. Selected Poems of Langston Hughes (Vintage Classics)

2. The Simple stories were my introduction to Langston Hughes. They are an incredible combination of entertainment, sociology and politics of the time. The Early Simple Stories (Collected Works of Langston Hughes, Vol 7)

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  1. Great poem. Thanks so much for sharing. I remember learning about Langston Hughes in school 🙂

  2. I love this series, I had never read so many of his poems and this is a great way to become familiar with his beautiful work.

  3. Thank you for sharing his work! I was an English major so I’m familiar with it, but it’s been ages since I’ve heard it.

  4. Great poem. Working from home, I don’t really dread Mondays. I actually look forward to them. But I still relate.

  5. I love this poem and I like your interpretation. Monday does get a bad rap 🙂

  6. We celebrate Black History Month in Jamaica too. This is the perfect Poem for today ” Monday Blues” great choice

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