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Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Jobs

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No matter what the size of your business, be thankful for it. Your business does more than simply provide a service or product. It also provides jobs to others you may not see. You are not just an entrepreneur, you are a superhero!

Every business is part of a puzzle, creating jobs seen and unseen.

One of my favorite things about being an entrepreneur is handing someone a paycheck. Over the course of my life as an entrepreneur I have provided jobs to writers, accountants, secretaries, consultants, law clerks and assistants. These people all worked for my companies and depended upon me for a paycheck in order to care for their families. It is a great thing and a wonderful blessing to be able to provide a job and income that allows another person to care for her family.

It is a wonderful thing to be in a position to help another person provide for her family. It means that all business decisions must be made with not only your business and yourself in mind. You must also think about how your decisions impact your employees and their families. The responsibility makes you keenly aware of the fact that all people in the world are intertwined. The decisions you make as an entrepreneur vibrate out into the world far beyond your business.



It is important to take your role as a job creator seriously.

Even if you a solo operation with no employees, your business decisions matter far and beyond  your business. Your business needs supplies, tools and technology to operate. Once upon a time business communication was done via  the United States Postal Service so stationary was a big business expense. Today, much of that communication takes place via fax, email and text messaging. Businesses need to be in place to provide email service, internet access and the appropriate computer technology. When you operate a business that uses email you create a need for jobs. While you may never see, speak with or have any contact whatsoever with the companies providing your email, internet access and computer technology, yet you are contributing for to the need for those people to have jobs.

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2 thoughts on “Be Thankful for Your Business – It Provides Jobs”
  1. I’m a mompreneur with a payroll of one: me, but I know that my supply chain decisions impact the businesses that I buy my materials from. This is exactly why I prefer to buy from local small businesses when I can, and when I can’t buy local I prioritize mom-run small businesses over big box stores, even if it’s a little more expensive. If my fabric order helps pay for some little kid’s toddler soccer league, then I’m happy to spend a few extra dollars!

  2. I never really thought about this topic. I imagine there are great business owners that really do think about their employees and care about their well-being, and unfortunately, those who only think about themselves.

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