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Use Technology to Stay Healthy

It is terrific to use technology to get back to basics and stay healthy. Modern technology has taken a lot of the drudgery out of getting into and staying healthy. When I was a very young teenager, I bought Jane Fonda’s step aerobics workout book. I worked my way through the book page after page and used another book to hold the pages while I did the exercises.

Use Technology to Stay Healthy

When I was a child, personal computers were out of the price range of most people The idea of using the computer to research issues of health was not done. Over the course of my lifetime, things have changed in incredible ways. Today there is an enormous variety of ways most people can access information on health and fitness. For example:

  • Video games and programs
  • DVDs and CDs for the television or computer
  • Applications for the laptop, tablet, and cellular phone
  • E-books
  •  Fitness devices like the Fitbit and Garmin devices
  • Athletic shoes with built-in computers that connect to cell phones and smart devices
  • Internet websites and YouTube videos

All of these items are eons beyond my old Jane Fonda step aerobics workout book. DVDs are available in almost every exercise discipline known to man. It is exciting to be able to change workout style each day if one chose. This means that while working out with DVDs at home, a person never need be bored.

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The easy availability of the internet makes it easy to get information about health, illness, and a variety of healing methods. With a few keystrokes of a keyboard or a few swipes on a smartphone, one literally has the information of the entire world at one’s fingertips. This means that at a very basic level, one has all the information one needs to find out not only what good health is, but also how to achieve good health.

Almost everything we do in life is better is we have our health in order. Good health is the basic foundation we need to make everything else we do in life. With the technology available today, it is easy to find out new ideas for getting healthy. Whenever one hears about a new health study on a news report, one can immediately do an internet search and instantly get more information on the topic.

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In conclusion, it is terrific to use technology to learn about good health, to get healthy and stay healthy. Technology can make what used to be hard boring work easier and fun! So, the question for you this terrific day is, how do you use technology to get healthy or stay healthy?

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  1. It is a challenge for me to meet the A to Z challenge and still give my readers the content area they expect to see.

  2. My body is a wreck, which is uncomfortable, but as long as my mind stays sharp I’m happy. This A to Z business is giving it a good work out.

  3. Great advice. I have a hard time accepting technology, I always want to fight it.
    From A to Z,

  4. I am also at that you must work out OR ELSE age! I need the music to keep me excited and moving. Thanks for stopping by, I am going now to return the favor!

  5. At my age, working out is a must. First, I have to get my back back in working order. So my exercises are limited. Like Pam, I love music to get through the workout. I’m a fellow A-Z Challenger. Just stopping by to check your post. Have a great day.
    Kathy (794 on the list)

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