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Baby Shower Game, Did Baby Poopie, from Côtier Brand

Five Fun Baby Shower Activities That Guests Will Actually Enjoy
[Austin, TX] (May 12, 2021): Baby showers are a time of gifts, food, best wishes, and unforgettable laughter. But all that can be quickly ruined by a few awkward, obligatory games that many guests simply will not be excited about. Measuring giant bellies, blindfolded diaper changing, and other uncomfortable activities such as “Name That Baby Poo” are generally unoriginal, and honestly not that fun or interesting. In other words, people will remember the baby shower for all the reasons they were not supposed to.

Instead, spend some time researching and choosing activities that are easy, unintrusive, and will not put people on the spot. Companies such as Cotier Brand offer a wide range of quality products that are perfect for creating a memorable baby shower with fun and simple games. and special keepsakes. Read on for a few specific ideas that will help keep guests engaged and swooning over your baby shower long after it’s over.

Did Baby Poopie?

This hilariously fun scratch-off lottery game is the perfect solution for diaper raffles, door prizes, ice breakers, and other games where a winner is chosen at random. To play, guests simply scratch their lottery ticket designed to look like a baby’s diaper. The ticket with the poop emoji revealed under the diaper wins whatever prize has been dedicated to that activity. The game is effortless to play, is not over-the-top dependent on “poop humor,” and is a fast way to break the ice and move on to the next activity.

DIY ABC Book For Baby

This is another fun and simple activity that is not so much a game as it is an arts and crafts project that gives the mother a special keepsake for herself and the little one. Simply layout some art supplies like watercolors, paint markers, crayons, stamps, etc., and have each guest choose a letter and decorate a page with corresponding words and images.

Conversation Starter Napkins

Icebreakers are crucial for get-togethers with so many new faces coming together for the first time. Fun items like Convokins are a wonderfully simple yet easy way for people to build authentic connections quickly by sharing and digging into the conversation prompts printed on these disposable paper napkins. Once again, this activity is not so much of a game as it is a way to bring people together without creating awkward or potentially embarrassing moments for the guests. The prompts are polite and unobtrusive but are still playful and designed to bring laughter and humor to the conversation.

Mom-osa Bar

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sharing a few drinks during a baby shower, and it is a great way to get people settled in and talking with each other. This is another fantastic ice-breaking strategy that also adds an instant layer of elegance and charm to the event. To really make your mimosa bar stand out, use a quality mimosa bar kit that comes loaded with finely made, matching items that look beautiful set out over a table. This is one activity everyone will want to be a part of!

Baby Predictions and Mommy Advice

For this activity, guests will write down their guesses about the baby’s weight, eye and hair color, what they might accomplish in their future, and other characteristics. They can also share special words of advice and other motherly insights for the new mommy. All of these special details can be written down on cards and filled out at any point during the shower. They can be dropped off after they are completed and reviewed together at the shower or afterward in private by the parents. Either way, this is a very special way to collect special memories of friends and family that can be fondly looked at over the years.

Hopefully, some of these ideas will help make your baby shower a memorable and heartwarming experience that will be talked about for years to come. By sticking to games and activities that do not delve into gross levels of humor, or force awkward interactions between guests, you are sure to create a meaningful experience everyone will enjoy as they join you in celebration of the new baby to be.


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