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Old Entrepreneurs Can Learn New Tricks

Entrepreneur, learn some new tricks because new experiences and challenges can be terrific to meet and overcome.

Faking Confidence With Professional Peers

It is fantastic to be able to fake confidence in front of your professional peers. We have shared with readers a series of articles dedicated to faking confidence in a…

Don’t Sweat an Industry Conference Prepare, Win, and Be Confident

It is magnificent to not let them see you sweat at an industry conference. The crowds and sessions are a lot to handle, but be encouraged you can do it.

Be Confident and Never Sweat on a Job Interview

Be confident and never let them see you sweat on a job interview. For the most part, it is a matter of preparing in advance. That way you can shine…

Now is a Good Time to Update Your Resume

It is wonderful to get a new start on a job search by updating your resume.   Your resume should always be accurate, up-to-date, and error-free. Resumes can be used…

Intellect – Is Having a Big Intellect the New Big Thing?

It is important to take action now to improve your intellect. The ability to reason and understand things objectively even when things are abstract is something that is of great…

Lessons From Movies – “No Way Out” and Love

It is sensational to learn life lessons from movies, here is what I learned from "No Way Out." Spoiler alert, it involves love.

Friends Lost at Work Doesn’t Have to Be a Bad Thing

Friends lost at work is something that happens. It may be hard, but it is not always a bad thing. If it happens take a breath and find a way…

Three Things to Remember About Inspiration During Hard Times

Sometimes life is hard, but so what! That is when you need inspiration to push forward. No matter how hard life is, you still have to live it. Find a…

Spend the Day in Bed with a Good Book

It is wonderful to spend the day in bed with a good book. Everyone should have the opportunity to do that from time to time.