• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

Jobs and Job Search

From time to time, everyone has to do a job search. This is true if you are a 9 to 5 worker. It is true if you are an entrepreneur looking for her next area of business. No matter who you are or why you are on a job search, you must do it in a way that is smart.  Check out these articles designed to help you make the best of any job search.

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  • Mothering Skills Can Help on the Job Search

Mothering Skills Can Help on the Job Search

Remember, those skills and talents that made you a great mother will also help succeed on a job search. Every day thousands of former stay at home moms enter or…

It’s Time to Be Grateful for Work It’s a Good Thing to Have

Today is a good day to realize it is time to be grateful for work because it's a good thing to have. Work provides us with an income that makes…

Be Self-Sufficient – Researching Job Opportunities Will Help You

Once you have completed your research and feel you have the necessary information to look for work that will enable you to be self-sufficient, go out and get the work.

To Find Work – Adjust Your Plans as Your Go

It is wonderful to find work that makes you self-sufficient, just be sure to adjust your plans as you go. Most people who work, work in order to obtain a…

Upgrade Your Skills While Between Jobs

Upgrade your skills while between jobs. Doing so will make you more attractive to potential employers. It will also give you a boost of confidence.

When it Comes to Your Job Search Research What’s Available

When you start a new job search, don't wing it, do some research. People always say they don't need a plan or research they can just wing it. However, when…

Make a Realistic Budget When Looking for Work

When you are looking or a job, it Is a great time to create a realistic budget. Often when people are looking for work they only think about the money…

Keep up With Practices in the Industry

It is thrilling to maintain a business advantage by keeping up with new practices in the industry.

Commit to Taking the Job Search Seriously By Updating Your Resume

It is wonderful to commit to taking the job search seriously by updating your resume

Show Kindness When You Are Looking for a Job

When you are looking for a job, no matter what else you do, take the time to show kindness to others. Sometimes looking for a job is hard, stressful work. While…