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5 Ways to Use Your Technology to Work Smarter Not Just Harder

It is terrific to start using your technology to work smarter and not just harder. There are many people who think the secret to success is working hard at something repeatedly. While that is part of the secret to success, it is not the entire secret. Instead, the secret to success lies in worker smarter, not just harder. Working smart includes hard work, but the real secret to success is working smarter at whatever it is one chooses to do.In these modern days, one of the best things about work, is that we have technology, that if used correctly can make us more efficient, more productive and more successful. The best thing about the new technology we can use to work smarter is that it is smaller and easier to carry with us at all times. For the average entrepreneur has a laptop computer, a tablet device and a smart phone. It has become commonplace for example, to take laptop computers to business meetings and conferences to take notes. Instead, consider taking your tablet device with you to those meetings instead. After all, the tablet is smaller and easier to carry.

100_2248Entrepreneurs are tasked with many things over the course of the day. For example, one must save receipts, take notes at meetings, keep appointments, complete tasks and review documents. All these things are made simpler with a few pieces of technology that easily fits in a pocket. For example:

1.     Photograph Receipts – often it is the case that receipts are needed for returns, warranty service, bookkeeping and tax purposes.  When making purchases for your business, while still at the store, take a photograph of the receipt with your Smartphone. That way you have a copy of the  receipt saved in case you need it later.

2.     Record Meetings – problems often arise after meetings when there is a disagreement about what was said or the actions that should be taken. When you go to meetings, it is a good idea to use your tablet to record what takes place so that you can do the appropriate follow-up, complete the necessary tasks and stay on point.

3.     Keep Your Calendar – it is important to keep appointments and to not over or under book appointments. By keeping your calendar on your Smartphone and tablet device you always have it at your fingertips and are less likely to miss appointments. Be sure to look at your calendar before making appointments so that you keep everything running smoothly. Be sure to use a calendar program that syncs with your computer so that all your devices have up to the minute information.

4.     To Do List  – keep your to do list on your Smartphone and tablet device as well as your laptop computer. By keeping your to do list readily accessible you are able to work on it from any location. It is also a great idea to have more than one copy so you are prepared even if one copy is lost or misplaced.

5.     Review Docs Anywhere – it is important to download important documents to your Smartphone and tablet so that you can review them from any location. It is not uncommon for a business owner to find a need to review business documents at home, while having a drink in a coffee shop or in the car on the way from one meeting to the next. By having the documents you need on your Smartphone or tablet device, they are easily available to  read and review when needed.

Modern technology allows us to operate our businesses in a way that is smarter than possible in the past. It is important for us to take advantage of the advances in technology in order to work in a more efficient, more productive and more successful manner. In conclusion, it is terrific to start using your technology to work smarter and not just harder. So, the question for you this terrific day is, how are you going to use your technology to work smarter and not just harder?

25 thoughts on “5 Ways to Use Your Technology to Work Smarter Not Just Harder”
  1. These are all great tips! I use some of these ideas already (Google calendar, baby!). The part about photographing receipts is a good one I should try. I’ll have to try that when I’m at my work’s annual conference in November and I have to try keeping track of all my expenses, on top of running my workshops, networking with members, etc.

  2. I love time saving apps! I am in love with an app I found that will scan docs and transfer them all to PDF so I can store and share via Dropbox. Love it!

  3. Even though we have so much technology at our fingertips, I still prefer the old paper to pen method, and I am not even old. I just hate relying on my smartphone, or computer all the time.

  4. Awesome post. I definitely could use the first one, because I have so many issues with storing receipts. I store them, but it irritates me. Taking photos of them is a better idea. I was just starting to scan them and store them to a file, but I like this idea better. I can take photos and just upload them whenever I upload other pictures and move them to a file. I also need to upload documents I need to review – I do this with my school documents, but not nearly enough. Great post.

  5. GREAt post and I love your tips.. I’m trying to make my technology work for me and this came in handy, I soo need to learn to utilize these items more often, I’m still hooked on the PC

  6. Thank you for great tips! We normally scan all our receipts. Never thought on photographing them 😀

  7. I use my cell phone a lot. Calander, To do list, and I often use the camera to capture slides during presentations so that I don’t have to take as many notes.

  8. The photographed receipts are good for tax and bookkeeping purposes. Also, it has all the information so the store can find the receipt in their records based upon the codes on the receipt. I have tried this with success at some major stores such as Best Buy,Walmart, Staples and MicroCenter. You are right though that it will not work at all stores. But it is a good way of keeping records. I use cloud storage systems, so for me I can always get receipt information even if away from the office.

  9. Working smarter also allows you to not work AS hard. You could use that extra energy towards something new or towards something that requires a little extra attention.

  10. You really right: today is truly important to know and be able to apply all the technology (really a lot) at our disposal, it takes intelligence even in this!

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