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4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Microsoft’s Creative Studio Announcement

lessons for entrepreneurs from microsoft creative studio

Yesterday Microsoft had its Creators Studio Update event and there were lessons for entrepreneurs in the event. Microsoft is one of the largest and most successful companies in the world. It is no surprise that its newest product announcement would have lessons for entrepreneurs.

It is not unusual for Microsoft product launches to be exciting and to showcase exciting developments and technologies. Here are 4 lessons entrepreneurs can take from the launch.

  1. Always be improving.
  2. Listen to your customers and give them what they want.
  3. Create new and exciting experiences for customers.
  4. Everything doesn’t have to be a secret.
Always be improving.

No matter how successful you are in your business, it is important to always look for ways to improve. Changes in regulations, technology and customer expectations all offer opportunities for improvement. No matter how good your product or service, look for ways to make things better for your customers. Don’t be afraid to improve. Improvement can be returning calls sooner, meeting deadlines early or making better report covers. Incremental improvements are great ways to make clients feel wanted and appreciated.

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Listen to your customers and give them what they want.

You are good at what you do. That is one of the reasons why your business is a success. Your customers are good at knowing what they want and where they want to spend their money. When your customers tell you products, services benefits they want, pay attention. Never forget that your customers have things they can teach you if you are willing to learn. Your customers talk with your competitors, other people who buy what you sell. If you listen when your customers talk they will tell you what they want. Conversations with your customers are a valuable tool for improving your business.

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Create new and exciting experiences for customers.

Customers are people and all people get bored from time to time. That reason is why you must work on making things better for your customers. Instead of handing a client a plain boring 8 x 11 report. Think about providing a multi-media presentation with music, video and music. With today’s technology, this is not as hard as it once was. Even with a smart phone you can record video of you discussing something for your clients. That same smart phone can add photos, music and create a spectacular project report for your customers.

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Everything doesn’t have to be a secret.

People like to be in on learning about the big, new, shiny thing. If you are updating your website, improving product offerings or starting something new, let your customers in on it. Share the information on your website. Put the update in your company newsletter. Send an email list out to everyone on your list. Let your customers know about things before you set the information out loose in the world. Customers will like being on the inside and know information first.

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Entrepreneurs, be on the lookout, you can learn things to make your business run better from other people’s product launches and press conferences. Pay attention to what others are doing and always look for learning opportunities.

6 thoughts on “4 Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Microsoft’s Creative Studio Announcement”
  1. I love this. I especially agree with keeping your customers in the know.

  2. A great post…I wish every business would learn this stuff. Some important lessons for business big and small.

  3. Always be improving is something I stand by. With every post I do, I try to make it better than the last.

  4. This is a great post. I am always interested in ways to make my business better and keep my customers happy. Without them I wouldn’t be in business very long.

  5. Yes research and see what your customers want. If you know they like movies don’t write about food and so forth. Sometimes it is hard but that is where the money comes in.

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