• Tue. Sep 26th, 2023

No More Doing it For the Vine – 3 Lessons for Entrepreneurs

no more doing it for the vine lessons for entrepreneurs

Social Media is all abuzz with the news that the short form video service Vine is no more and the way the company is leaving the marketplace has lessons for entrepreneurs. It just goes to show, you really can learn something new every day if you try.

Vine was a very popular social media service.Everyone remembers seeing the cute mini videos. I cannot think of the service without thinking of the video featuring a mother  telling her daughter to “Do it for the vine.” That phrase went viral and was repeated by people the world over to encourage them to do something they were afraid to do, but should do. It was a fun service used by millions of people. There are billions of “Vines” floating around in the clouds.  Now that the company is leaving there are lessons smart entrepreneurs can take from Vine’s departure.

  1.  Fill a need in your customer’s life.
  1.  Make a good impression at the start.
  1.  Don’t leave your customers in a lurch.

Fill a need in your customer’s life.

In order to succeed in business you must give customers something they need or want. When you have something customers need or want, they will come to you to get it again and again. No matter what stage of life your business is in, you need to look for ways to give customers what they need or want. In this context, needs don’t have to be things like oxygen and food. Needs can be better service, higher quality products or improved communication. When you supply what your clients want and need your customers will come back again and again and your business will be successful.

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Make a good impression at the start.

Almost everyone has heard the expression, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”  This is important in business as it is in all areas of life. When the first encounter you have with customers is a good one it creates a lasting impression that benefits your business. When your first encounter with a customer is a bad one, you will spend a great deal of time trying to overcome the bad impression instead of doing the job you should be doing for the customer. When you are an entrepreneur, never forget that what you do reflects on your business. Always keeps this in mind and always put your best foot forward in all you do.

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Don’t leave your customers in a lurch.

Not all businesses last forever. That is a fact of life. Sometimes you will have to go out of business and your clients will have to go elsewhere for what you have been providing. No matter how much your customers want to work with you and only you, sometimes you have to shut the business down and leave your customers without your products and services. When this happens, you owe it to your customers to leave them in good hands. If you have things your clients are expecting you to deliver to them, be it products or information, provide it. Customers will understand that your business may have to shut down and that you will no longer provide the products and services. What customers will not understand is an entrepreneur that leaves them in a lurch and makes their lives worse.

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In all your business operations, keep in mind that businesses come and go. That is part of the life cycle for businesses. When your business came on the scene you worked hard to start with a shine and on good footing. When it is time for your business to go, take care to do the same thing. End your business on a good note so that if you start a business again in the future, your former customers will be happy to work with you again.