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#050618 Sunday the Week in Review

Sunday week in review

Some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. If you are one of those people, this is the place for you!  Here are the things we covered on Janeane’s World this week.

Stay in Your Lane – Be a Parent, Not a Friend

Some parents want to be friends with their children. This is a mistake. Children need to be raised from childhood to adulthood. Friends are not the party suited for that job. That is a job for parents. If you want to do the best thing possible for your children, strive to be a good parent, not a good friend. When it comes to your children, your job is not to be a friend; your job is to be a parent.

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Take Action Now to Keep Your Marriage Happy Over the Long Term

It is magnificent to take action now and make a happy marriage work long term. This space is usually devoted to tips, advice, and encouragement to take action now to accomplish something in your professional life. My readers are mostly working women, many of whom are married or wish to be married. At the encouragement of a wonderful Facebook group to support Christian wives, a prepared this special edition of take action now – how to take action now to make a happy marriage last long- term.

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Use Your Technology in A New Way at Home

Find ways to use your technology to make life easier at home by using some tricks from work. Most people who have smart phones for work are used to using the phones to text and have video conferences.  The phones are seen as part of their lives and as a way to communicate better with everyone in the workplace. Those same communication, time-saving, and efficiency tools make life easier at home.

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I Don’t Owe You Friendship

The idea that I should not end friendships over political ideology and differences of opinion is crazy to me.  In my Facebook friends post, people had a wide variety of ideas about friendship. There were quite a few people who stated that they would never end a friendship over political and ideological differences. That is a cute idea. But, in my mind, it is not a smart idea. Nor is it an idea that I can afford to follow.
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Learn to Respect Authority If You Want to Succeed at Work

It is wonderful to learn that if you want to succeed at work, you must learn to respect authority. In the military services there is an idea called chain of command. Chain of command is a way of doing things so that those at the top of the organizational chart direct and control the actions of those below them. All authority and decision-making rests at the top of the chart. This idea is important in the workplace because those at the top are the ones with the power and authority to hire, fire, sign paychecks and decide how day-to-day operations will be handled. In the normal course of things, this means the owner of the company or the company president or even supervisors get to voice their opinions on how things will be handled and those decisions expect their decisions to be followed. Problems arise when those at the bottom of the organizational chart think they know better and do not respect those in authority.

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Be Good to Your Business – Keep up with the New Stuff

You can do something good for your business by keeping up with new practices in your industry. No matter type of work you do, from Fortune 500 entrepreneur to Stay at Home Mom, from freelancer writer to traditional employee, things at your job change on a regular basis. In order to be successful at your job, you cannot stay stuck in the past, but must work to keep up with industry changes. It is important because changes may mean increased productivity, increased profitability and a better work product.

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Balance – How Committed Are You?

When it comes to finding a balance between your work and home lives, how committed are you to making things work? If we judge your commitment by your actions, we will get a clear idea of your real commitment. Do your actions match your words? No matter what your words say, your actions tell the real story.

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Books – Develop Healthy Reading Habits

Books are an important part of developing healthy reading habits and a love of life. With the uprise of electronic devices, people predict that books are dead, but that could not be further from the truth! Books, both paper bound and electronic, are part of what makes life great. It is great to have healthy reading habits.

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In conclusion, some people find serenity one day per week by reviewing the news they have missed during the course of the week. Thank you for stopping by to visit with us. I hope your visit was a good one and that you will be back soon. Before you go, the question for you is, what was the best part of your week?