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Be Kind and Show Yourself Some Love!

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Self-care is not a fad or a passing trend. It is a requirement that we take care of ourselves so that we have our best selves to offer. When we are healthy in all areas of life (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually and sexually) we are able to do better at home and at the work we do.

Charity starts at home and you are your home, so start treating yourself right.

I often hear the expression, “A man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.” I hear because it is so often there are stories of women who work all day at jobs then come home and work all evening to take care of their families and then wake up early the next morning to start again. It is like the shampoo bottles – wash rinse repeat. In all that repeating the routine day after day after day there is almost never an opportunity for these busy women to take time to care for themselves – to read a book for pleasure, to meditate, to enjoy a carefree breath. This is a sad thing. I thought about a woman’s work never being done recently when my husband told me that he has never seen my hands not busy. According to him, my hands are always moving and doing something. There is always something in my hands.

We must always keep in mind that it is a beautiful thing to be a woman. Physically women are works of art no matter how thin or how heavy; a woman’s body is a remarkable work of art. The mind of a woman is full of thoughts, dreams, big pictures, small pictures and millions of ideas. The heart of a woman is full of love, anger, affection, aggravation, care, anxiety, empathy, and a million other emotions. A woman is a phenomenal thing. Most of all, a woman is a gift from God. The Bible tells us that a man who find a virtuous woman finds a treasure worth more than rubies. With all this in mind, think about how you treat yourself. Do you treat yourself as if you are a treasure or do you treat yourself as if you are a leftover, unwanted holiday gift?


It is said that charity starts at home; remember always that your home starts with you!


Some people think it is selfish for a woman to practice self-care. These people are wrong! Think about it, when you get on a plane, the flight crew always tells you to put on your own air mask before trying to help someone else, even your young children. If it is not wrong to take care of yourself first during an airplane emergency, it cannot possibly be wrong to take care of yourself during every day life.

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