• Thu. Mar 9th, 2023

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Take Action Now to Keep Your Marriage Happy Over the Long Term

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It is magnificent to take action now and make a happy marriage work long term. This space is usually devoted to tips, advice, and encouragement to take action now to accomplish something in your professional life. My readers are mostly working women, many of whom are married or wish to be married. At the encouragement of a wonderful Facebook group to support Christian wives, a prepared this special edition of take action now Рhow to take action now to make a happy marriage last longРterm.

The first step in making a marriage last over the long-term is to know the value of marriage. Just as the best meals start with the selection of the just the right ingredients, the best marriages start with the right pieces. I am a church girl at heart (and soul) so for me, a happy marriage starts with having a good relationship with God and recognition of the place of marriage in Christian life. For me, that means following the advice in Proverbs 31:10-31, which says a virtuous wife is more precious than rubies and her husband can safely trust in her. The Proverbs 31 wife is incredible. She runs her home, businesses, and manages things for her husband. Take action now to be a virtuous woman, a woman to whom your husband can safely trust his heart.

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