• Thu. Feb 2nd, 2023

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Your Business Need’s a Woman’s Touch

Look at your business to see where it can benefit from a woman's touch.

They say it’s a man’s world, but your business needs your womanly touch. Back in the 1980s there was a trend in business for women to wear androgynous business suits, bow ties, and serious look briefcases. The idea was that women needed to act like men and to appear to be one of the boys as much as possible. Indeed women back then were encouraged to be tough and to act like “one of the boys.”

In the years since then, things have changed. People now recognize that a woman’s touch is valuable in business. Women no longer have to act like men in order to succeed in business. Today women go to work in feminine clothing, bright colors, and are encouraged to be themselves. Free from the obligation to act like men, women are rising in corporate ranks, starting their own businesses and enjoying their femininity as they do.


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As you go to work as a woman who is an entrepreneur, do not be afraid to let your business benefit from your woman’s touch. Just as you let your intelligence, financial savvy, and management expertise shine at work, bring qualities like care, empathy, and kindness to the workplace. These qualities which are stereotypically called womanly qualities, make business better.



Look at your business to see where it can benefit from a woman's touch.


There are benefits to a woman’s touch.


Customers like it when the businesses they give their money care about them. An entrepreneur who can empathize with customers is likely to be rewarded with increased customer loyalty. Kindness makes customers feel appreciated. Employees like it when their employer cares about whether they can pay their bills. When you have empathy for situations your employees face, it makes the employees feel appreciated. Showing kindness to employees makes them more likely to remain in your employ.

As you start, operate, or grow your business do not be afraid to let your business benefit from a woman’s touch. Take time today to look at your business to discover areas where a woman’s touch can help your business operate more profitably, strategically, and satisfactorily. So, the question for you this fantastic day is where can your business benefit from a woman’s touch?