• Wed. Jan 19th, 2022

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Reputation Matters at Work and at Home

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My children believe whatever their father tells them, period. According to all of the children, “Daddy never lies.” The children are so convinced that their father’s word is true, if he told them the sky was green, they would believe it.  They would think some miraculous thing happened and transformed the sky from blue to green before they would believe their father was lying. When he tells them they will get a certain toy or a certain consequence for their behavior, they take his word as gospel, a guarantee. He has  a reputation for telling the truth,  and reputation matters.

Take a moment now to think about your reputation. Think about the reputation you have at work and at home. Be objective when you think about how you are perceived by co-workers, supervisors and those who report to you. Think about how your children, spouse, and siblings think about you. If all these parties got together and talked about you, would you be happy about what you would hear?  If you would be happy and you have a good reputation both at work and at home, good for you! If you do not, be encouraged, you can work to change your reputation.

As long as you are alive, it is never too late to change course and start to become the person you want to be.  Take action now, today to start being the kind of person you want to be. Start exhibiting the behavior you want to be known to possess. Begin being the kind of person you want to be. Creating or recreating a reputation is a long-term project. Do not be discouraged if your reputation is not created or recreated overnight. Reputation lasts a long time because it takes a long time to build. Invest the time and effort to create the reputation you want to have. Reputation is important and reputation matters.



It is fantastic to realize when it comes to your life at work and home, reputation matters. So, the question for you this fantastic day is, what kind of reputation have you created for yourself?