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Women’s History Month – Coco Chanel – Famous Quotes

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Throughout the month of March, people all over the United States celebrate Women’s History Month. Everyone at Janeane’s World is joining the celebration.  Today I am sharing some of my favorite quotes from the legendary Coco Chanel.

Here is my video interpretation of some classic (pardon the pun) Coco Chanel quotes. Check it out, then create your own video interpretation and share it with me at janeanedavis@janeanesworld.com .

A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

One thought on “Women’s History Month – Coco Chanel – Famous Quotes”
  1. Hi Janeane,

    Coco Chanel was such a visionary. Getting in icon minds through their quotes gives us clues on how to succeed ourselves. Loving the inspiration here.


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