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When it Comes to Your Job Search Research What’s Available


When you start a new job search, don’t wing it, do some research.

People always say they don’t need a plan or research they can just wing it. However, when it comes to a job search, don’t wing it. Instead take time to do research to see what is available. This is a crucial step that you should not miss or shirk away from.


Rewards from the Job Search


When most people are looking for jobs, they research companies. They find out all about the company they would like to join. They even try to get some secrets about the interviewer. Those are important steps. I would never advise you to avoid them. However, before you select a company and before you accept an interview offer there is other research you must do. You must research to find out what is available.


When it Comes to Your Job Research What's Available





Industry changes all the time. Sometimes positions exist today that did not exist yesterday. As industry changes so do needs for employees. You do not want to waste time searching for jobs that no longer exist. It also doesn’t make sense to ignore new jobs on the horizon that would be perfect for you. Here are a few jobs that no longer exist:

  • computer card puncher
  • switchboard operator
  • bowling alley pinsetter
  • video store clerk
  • cigarette girl


Here are a few jobs that have popped up in recent years:

  • cybersecurity analyst
  • artificial intelligence assistant
  • life coach
  • stem cell researcher
  • organic food producer


When it Comes to Your Job Research What's AvailableAs you gain more professional experience and education, you qualify for more and different jobs. This means that the job you have at your current place of employment may be obsolete at other companies. You must do research to find out what is currently available. This research will help you position yourself for the search. After all, how can you find the right opportunity if you don’t know what the world currently needs?

The next time you decide to do a job search, don’t just start looking at particular companies. Instead, look at positions that make your heart sing. Then find companies that have openings in those positions.  The world is your oyster or perhaps it is your lobster. Let the research guide you!


5 Things You Can Learn About Yourself From a Job Search


Your next job search may be the best one yet. Take the time to do the research to find out. So the question for you this wonderful day is, what type of job are you looking for next?

19 thoughts on “When it Comes to Your Job Search Research What’s Available”
  1. Great advice. When you have a job that makes your heart sing, than it’s not a job anymore. It’s a fun and pleasure.

  2. Such great advice. The better you are prepared the better the results will be. Great resources 🙂

  3. This is such great advice! Knowing what you’re getting into will ensure your success!

  4. Job change is not that easy as it is difficult time, I am sure we can pass through this pandemic.

  5. Job situations are changing left and right right now. I had given my resignation but begged for my job back when the pandemic hit. Thankfully, my boss was gracious and now I am very grateful for a job that was getting old fast.

  6. I’ll have to share this with my relatives who just graduated from college and are looking for jobs.

  7. This reminds me of those times when I was searching for a job. And I always searched for what’s available. Great tips!

  8. Some great tips here – I love what you say about looking for positions that make your heart sing.

  9. Nice article and you are definitely giving us a great advice on finding a new job. I will definitely keep this in mind, thank you!

  10. This is a very informative post. It’s so important to know when it’s time for change.

  11. These are good thoughts when it comes to looking for a new job. Times have changed and I am looking for work myself.

  12. I can relate to this. When I was laid off almost 2 years ago, initially I would apply for any and everything without any thought. Finally, I started taking the time to research and consider what I was looking for and I ended up with more quality leads.

  13. I feel like it really would be the best time to have a job in computer sciences. I am happy where I am right now, but would definitely look into something like life coaching if I ever made a change.

  14. This is good to keep in mind when searching for a job. Times are so tough at the moment! I hope things calm down after the pandemic.

  15. Makes perfect sense, but it’s always frightening how many people don’t stop to think about this for a moment. Or the fact that if you’ve been downsized out of your field, maybe it’s time to brush up your qualifications and broaden your search.

  16. I am so glad I am not looking for a job right now. These are a great way to plan for an interview. I wil keep this in mind for future reference.

  17. I was just speaking to my husband about this! He has been looking for work in the same industry for months. Time for a change.

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