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Week Ending 11/27/21  – This Week In Review

Week Ending 11/27/21  – This Week In Review

Week in review – this week her in our online magazine, we started by talking about taking action now to accomplish your dreams. We ended the week talking about ***.  Between those two days we shared the following articles::

Take Action Now to Accomplish Your Dreams – They Are Close

Take action now to accomplish your dreams with confidence because they are closer than you think. Today is the perfect day to get moving and make your dreams your reality. Click here to read more.

Win By Taking Back Control of Your Life

Taking back control of your life is scary, but if you have lost your way it is important and you must do it.  Click here to read more.

“The Harder They Fall” and 3 Excellent Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Recently, I watched the Netflix movie, “The Harder They Fall” and it had three lessons for entrepreneurs. Click here to read more.

Even on the Way Out Be Grateful for Your Job

It is always a good time to be grateful for your job. At the end of each year, people think about the big changes they want to make on the job. There is nothing wrong with that desire, but it is still important to appreciate the job you have while you have it. It is part of being a professional. Click here to read more.

I am Thankful For My Husband Today and Every Day

At Thanksgiving time, people all over America are listing all the things for which they are thankful. I am joining that group and stating that I am thankful today, as I am every day for my husband Darren. Click here to read more.

Balance Work and Home With Joy by Avoiding Excesses

It is not easy to balance work and home, but you can do it if you avoid excess. Always remember, too much of anything is a bad thing. Click here to read more.

Check out these articles to see anything you missed. Or, if you spent the week with us, you may find a favorite you can read again or share with someone in your circle.

In addition, we shared a great confidence tip as part of our Confidence Tip of the Day series. Check it out here:

Confidence Tips from “The Harder They Fall”

That’s it for this week. Join us next week for another look at The Week in Review.