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Use Your Technology to Learn -Read Articles From Experts

It is terrific to use your technology to learn from experts. Some people say, ‘you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” I disagree with that saying. Instead, I say, “You can learn something new everyday if you try.” As a result, I am always on the look out for new information, new ways of doing things and new areas of study. In addition, I truly enjoy using all the gadgets my husband and children pick up for me. For example, I am writing this article on my tablet device at my children’s enrichment program while my children are working with their tutors. The tablet fits nicely into most of my purses and weighs almost nothing. If I had brought my laptop, I would have had to carry an additional bag and had a heavier burden.

Use your technology to read what the experts have to say.
Use your technology to read what the experts have to say.

I am currently developing a new business with a friend who thinks crowd funding may be a good way to raise money for the business. I am used to helping clients obtain funding through more traditional methods. As a result, crowd funding is new to me. So, of course, I needed to do some research on the topic. I began my research using some traditional methods:

* Talked with colleagues who had run crowd funding campaigns
* Read newspaper articles on crowd funding
* Looked at books on the topic at my local library

These areas of research gave me a good base of knowledge on the topic. However, I wanted to learn more. My search for more information lead me to break out my technology and start searching for information. By using my laptop I was able to find several blog articles on the topic of crowd funding. The blog articles were interesting because the information was from sources around the country and involved a variety of industries. By pulling out my e-reader I was able to do a search and in a matter of seconds my e-reader was fully stocked with books on crowd funding tips and tricks. Later, while cooking dinner for my family, I was able to pull out my smart phone and download an audiobook on the subject of crowd funding. While I baked the chicken and stirred the rice, I was able to listen to the author’s words on crowd funding.

As you can see, quite clearly from my real life example, technology made it quite easy for me to:

* Get a lot of information
* Get information quickly
* Get information in easily portable formats
* Start using the information with ease

When the time comes for you to learn something new, anything, ranging from how to do a new hair style to how to create a more efficient rocket engine, start with the technology you have in your hand and start researching, downloading, collating and learning. In conclusion, it is terrific to use your technology to learn from Industry experts. So, the question for you this terrific day is, how can you use your technology to learn from experts?

8 thoughts on “Use Your Technology to Learn -Read Articles From Experts”
  1. I love putting that question out there to friends on social media. There is always someone out there who was looking to for the very answer you’re now seeking … they can lead you to the technology, video, blog, article, book that worked for them in answering the question. It helps narrow your search down.

  2. That is wonderful of you for always learning new things everyday. Just because you are not getting any younger doesn’t mean you can’t learn new things. Technology these days really had gone a long ways. I am so amazed at the new technology we have these days. I too would love to have my own tablet so I don’t have to load up my laptop whenever we travel. Eventhough it is a slim one, but it still weighs. Anyway, good luck on your business then!

  3. I’m so grateful about technology because it is really making a big difference in our lives and knowledge!

  4. Basically everything I search and do involves technology! Love your article, good luck on your new venture!

  5. Today’s technology is so awesome. Here, I thought I was up with the technology with my laptop and internet! Right now, my laptop is my go to, and sometimes my cell phone in a pinch. I am constantly looking things up, and like you, am always looking to learn new things.
    ~ Jodene

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