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Thinking Like Anything is Possible

I enjoying thinking like anything is possible. Since I was a small child, this has been one of my greatest pleasures. I encourage you to start thinking and living that way.

A smiling African-American woman looking upward and the words :Thinking Like Anything is Possible"

It is thrilling to be able to think like anything is possible.

Recently, this space has been full of articles about thinking differently. Today, we are talking about thinking as if anything was possible. Imagine a world where anything is possible. Living a life where if your mind thinks of it and your heart believes it, you accomplish it. There are no limits on what you can do. Isn’t that a wonderful world?

When my Simmie bopper was three years old she told my husband and I that she was going to build a time machine. I believed her, actually, truly, and totally believed her. She could not tell time, she could not use any tool more complicated than a hammer, but I believed my baby could build a time machine. I believed her because she saw no limitations in her world. She believed anything was possible.

Twenty-three years have passed. She may not still believe in that time machine, but I do. One of the greatest things about my children is the fact that they believe they can do anything they want. There is nothing in the world they think they cannot accomplish. I admire, adore and treasure that mindset. I am so thrilled to be a mother who has children who believe the impossible is possible. It makes them happy and hopeful.

All my life I have lived, expecting miracles and believing the impossible. Perhaps it is my Christian faith that sustains me. I like thinking that anything is possible because that means there are no limits on what I can do and where I can go. It is liberating and thrilling to think that way. So the question for you this thrilling day is what would you think about if anything was possible?

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