• Wed. Mar 8th, 2023

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Magnificent Improvement – Athletics

If you want to make magnificent improvement in your life, athletics is a nice place to start.

Magnificent Improvement - Athletics

It is magnificent to be fit enough to be able to show off some athletic moves.

Recently, I embarked on new areas of magnificent improvement. I have started improvements to my attitude, my appearance, and my academics. The final area of improvement is my athleticism. It is my dream to stop being the post-it on the right.

The steps toward increased athleticism have started. I am still trying to get to the Broad Street Run one year soon. You cannot do that without putting in some work a lot of work. So, I have changed my diet. I have started working with a team at Virta Health to cut carbs, lower my blood sugar numbers, and maintain ketosis.  To improve my athleticism I am putting my time in both in the kitchen and in the gym. 

Numerous studies have been done all over the world that show a relationship between increased athleticism and a better life. Increased athleticism brings increased life expectancy, increased happiness, and increased satisfaction with life. So if doing a few push-ups and sit-ups will help me lead a better, more satisfying life, it seems well worth the sweat. So I am getting up an hour earlier each morning so I can work out before starting my day. I am also going to pull out my Kindle at night and do the mini yoga routine each night before bed.

I am excited about my new plan to increase my levels of athleticism. I am looking forward to the rewards I will reap as a result of my hard work. It is truly going to be magnificent. So the question for you this magnificent day is what type of athletic activity are you going to get into?

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